The holiday season is upon us, and with that comes "cuffing season" as well. Cuffing season reaches its peak in December. This is because singles are looking to couple up during the most festive time of year. Check out this list of date ideas that are fun and will keep you safe at the same time:


Take advantage of the winter weather and go on outdoor dates that embrace the holiday season.

Ice skating

Athletic or not, ice skating is the perfect ice-breaker date. Bundle up, put on a mask and head to the nearest rink. You don't need to be a pro skater to have fun. Learn how to skate together and there's guaranteed non-stop laughter as you try to glide along the ice. Keeping your balance makes a great excuse to hold your date's hand.

Christmas lights

Take a walk around your neighborhood, visit a grand light display or go to a drive-thru light show. Walk and admire the twinkling lights together. Since it will be chilly, grab hot chocolate afterward to warm up or bring it with you as you walk around. 

Build a snowman

Spend time together by building a snowman. These snow sculptures are a perfect way to spread holiday cheer in your neighborhood. Go all out -- complete with a hat, scarf and carrot nose. Build more than one to make a cute snowman family. Think outside the box and build a snow sidekick like a dog. Bonus, playing in the snow is a perfect opportunity for a spontaneous, friendly snowball fight. 


Find a huge hill and grab a sled! Who doesn't love sled riding? You and your date will have a blast feeling like children again and racing in the cold air.

Virtual or In-person

These date ideas are festive and fun. They can be virtual or if that special someone is in your bubble, in-person.

Online game night

Hop on your favorite gaming console with your date for a night of competitive fun. Dust off the Wii and race in Mario Kart, play Animal Crossing or relive the old days on Club Penguin.

Read a book together

Start a book club for two. Choose a book that interests both you and your date. After reading, meet up over coffee or on Zoom. Discuss the book. Did you relate to the characters? Would you reread the book? Was the ending shocking? Did the book introduce a new point of view? 

Indoor picnic

Baby, it's cold outside, so bring the picnic indoors. Just because you're inside doesn't mean you should skip on the grandeur. Lay out a picnic blanket and add a few throw pillows on the floor so you sit in style. Load up the picnic basket with your favorite foods and enjoy a night of fine dining: picnic style. 

Gingerbread house

All the materials to build a gingerbread house come in convenient kits at most retailers. Build the ultimate gingerbread house. Get creative with your decorations using candy and icing.

Virtual double date

Do you and your date share mutual friends? Double dates can be tough to plan, especially with COVID-19 restrictions. So, do a virtual double date and schedule a Zoom call with another couple! Catch up on life, use Netflix Party to watch a movie or play an online game like Among Us or 5 Second Rule.

Create vision boards together

For a crafty date, create vision boards together. Using art supplies, make your vision board for the upcoming year. 2020 hasn't been what we expected. So, focus on 2021 by creating a board for how you would like to see the new year.