It’s safe to say 2020 has been full of distress and disappointment, but as vaccines begin to distribute, it is possible that life can be somewhat normal by summer of 2021. Obviously, it is not practical to throw huge celebrations this New Year’s Eve, but a possibility of normality eventually in the new year is a cause for a safe celebration at home. Here are nine ways to ring in the new year from the comfort of your own home:

Reflect on the past year and all of its wild moments with family or friends, whether it's in person or over FaceTime

This can be an emotional experience, but let it out! You survived a year of turmoil and loss. Be proud of yourself for living through a revolutionary era that will go down in history.

Discuss positive affirmations about the new year

Talk about hopes for 2021 and speak it into existence. Do you really want that internship? Do you want a normal fall semester with friends? Maybe you want to be able to take a road trip across the country safely. Talk about your hopes with those around you.

Watch some of the top movies of 2020 that you weren’t able to see in theaters

Although movie theaters have been closed throughout most of 2020, quite a few movies have been released and can be found on Netflix, XFINITY On Demand, Peacock and more. Have a movie marathon throughout the evening and watch some popular films from the year you have yet to see.

Listen to your favorite songs from 2020

Throughout quarantine, artists have gotten extremely creative with their music. Listen to your favorite tracks from each month of 2020. Dance out, or cry out, the wild ride 2020 has been.

Of course, watch the ball drop

Watching the Times Square NYE celebration on the television is a tradition for many, and even though the celebration will look different this year, the countdown tradition will still be exciting to watch. It will be especially fun to end this year of constant devastation.

Call your friends you haven’t seen since March

Many people have been keeping safe and staying home during the pandemic, which keeps them separated from friends who may be cities, states or even countries away. End the year by catching up with your closest friends from college or work.

Cook a big, fancy meal with your parents or roommates

Different cultures have different meal traditions for New Year’s Eve. For example, Germans eat pork and sauerkraut because they believe it brings good luck in the new year. 

A popular Southern American tradition is to eat Hoppin’ John, which is a concoction of greens, pork, cornbread, black eyed peas and rice on New Year’s Eve. 

In Mexico, tamales become increasingly popular to eat on New Year’s Eve. There are many different types of meals people prepare and eat on New Year’s Eve, but these are just a few. 

Dress up and take pictures just for fun

End the year with a confidence boost. Throw on your favorite outfit from Christmas, put on your most dramatic makeup and have a little photo op. This can be alone or with some friends.

Open up windows and doors to let all the negative energy out and welcome in the positive

Some cultures bring in the new year by opening doors and windows at midnight to let out all the negative energy from the previous year. After looking back at 2020, any way to put its events in the past is hopeful.