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how to make clothes cuter

5 ways to make relaxing loungewear appear chic and trendy

Unfortunately, there’s no denying that most people haven’t been doing much dressing up lately. With classes predominantly remote, and few formal events occurring, the majority of days are spent lounging around in our favorite sweatpants and hoodies. Considering loungewear such as matching sets, joggers paired with fitted tanks and oversized hoodies are all the hype, it’s not necessarily a negative. 

That being said, there is no reason one cannot accessorize and style these outfits accordingly, to create an even cuter, comfy casual look to add some flavor to one’s day and overall being. Here are five ways to make relaxing loungewear appear chic and trendy:

Hair claw clips 

All hail the return of the claw clips! These fashionable, versatile clips peaked in the ‘90s and have made an iconic rebound in 2020 and 2021, and we girls with long, uncooperative hair couldn’t be more thankful. Not only are they posh, coming in different colors, patterns and sizes, they truly are incredibly handy. The ways to style one’s hair are endless with some of the options and how to execute them below. 

Ankle-high socks

So simple, yet so swank is the addition of scrunched up, high socks. With joggers especially, high socks add a sort of swag that honestly goes unexplained. They will have you looking way cooler than if you were to wear low cut ones for no apparent reason. Check out the pin below to see how to wear them correctly with a matching sweat set. 

Chunky sneakers

Chunky sneakers are the wave, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Paired with the above suggestion of ankle-high socks, the two accessories make for a deadly, dominating duo that again will have you looking boujee and sleek similar to Hailey Bieber pictured below. 

Gold Jewelry 

People often associate jewelry as an accessory that is meant for elegant and fancier happenings, however, it is the perfect subtlety to aid in adding a bit of spunk to an otherwise somewhat dull outfit. 

Jewelry has the ability to call attention to parts of the outfit that are often clouded, so generally layer necklaces, and/or include a pair of hoop or dangly earrings -- especially if one took our suggestion of utilizing the claw clip -- to better accentuate the face and jawline. 


While we’re Zooming our way through the day in virtual class, we tend to feel sort of sloppy and discombobulated with our dress when we’re wearing baggy and cozy clothes. Although makeup can be a hassle and time consuming to apply, just adding mascara or some bronzer can make an immense difference in regards to how one feels and views themselves. 

All of these elements combined against a trendy monochrome sweat set or sports bra and legging combo paired with a flannel or oversized jacket, will assuredly have you looking cute, comfy and casual simultaneously. 


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