Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced on Thursday the conclusion of Ohio’s curfew that began on Nov. 19, 2020 and was subsequently extended on Dec. 10 and Jan. 2.  Many businesses are now able to extend their business hours to allow by several hours, the first of many steps to close gaps in lost revenue caused by the ongoing pandemic. 

COVID-19 hospitalizations reached an all-time high on Dec. 15 at 5,308 and have since fallen 65 percent to 1,862 according to the Ohio Department of Health. The curfew ends as the Ohio Department of Health is in the process of updating nearly 4,000 deaths that had been underreported.

Many healthcare facilities are seeing less staff out sick as vaccinations are taking place across the state. As of  Wednesday, Ohio had fully vaccinated nearly 375,000 people, totaling about 3.2 percent of the state population.

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