Following a stressful several days, Wanda Maximoff found herself spread too thin, especially after the strain of expanding a new reality’s border. Her decision to ultimately take a self-care day allowed audiences to see the mimicking of the American mockumentary Modern Family. Her behaviors, that were later dubbed “Claire-isms” by audiences, mirrored those of Claire Dunphy portrayed in the ABC and USA television show. 

Her behaviors weren’t the only details audiences noticed either, WandaVision even had the same pillows that appeared throughout the show. The general interview setup was unlike every other episode released this season, appropriately contributing to the title, “Breaking the Fourth Wall.” 

The phasing of items, from time period to time period, cleverly contributed to the idea that Wanda’s powers are faltering, and while that may be true to a point, Agnes’ true identity and intentions send ripples throughout the false world. 

People have been speculating since the WandaVision cast was announced that Kathryn Hahn would be cast as Agatha Harkness, a powerful Salem witch, and those suspicions were confirmed. 

Agatha Harkness, then known as Agnes, the seemingly harmless neighbor, reveals she has been fully aware throughout the entirety of Wanda’s Hex situation. Not only that, but she’s been tearing it apart from the inside, fueled by her own intentions that have yet to be revealed. What we do know is that she has the twins, Billy and Tommy, she’s responsible for Pietro’s recasting and she killed Sparky, the Maximoff family dog.

Monica Rambeau’s time to shine was everything audiences have asked for as it was groundbreaking, but had also been building for several episodes. Dr. Darcy Lewis’s mention that the Hex had rewritten Monica’s DNA the two times she had passed through it led audiences to believe that she would become Photon, another Marvel Comic hero. 

Those conclusions were confirmed when Monica passed through the barrier again and ultimately passed the threshold in her very own “hero’s journey.” As she went through, audio from Captain Marvel connected the dots while also hinting to potential future endeavors that Monica would face. With the newfound abilities to absorb energy and spectral vision, the future appears bright for Photon.

Another notable mention is the very catchy song “Agatha All Along” that was included in the episode.