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Examples of ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ stars acting like their zodiac sign

Every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is promised to be even more dramatic than the last. It wouldn’t be surprising if one day producers admitted that astrology heavily played into the casting process. Truthfully, all the drama might come down to the stars. 

Most seasons are a mixture of contestants that are either fire signs or water signs for a reason. The fire signs are always easy to spot with their short temper and competitive nature, whereas the water signs usually have more patience and express their emotions quickly. What happens when you mix the two? Absolute chaos and A+ show ratings. 

While Bachelor Nation has notably been lackluster in terms of racial diversity, it surely has never skimped on the personality department, which might be due to all the different zodiac signs featured on each season. The Pisces are always crying; the Scorpios are always kissing; the Aries are always fighting and the Geminis are always bringing the drama. If you’re well-versed in astrology, the Bachelor franchise shows are the ultimate zodiac experiment. 

Here are a few Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni who act freakishly in accordance with their zodiac sign:

Matt James: Sagittarius 

If someone could be the perfect Sagittarius poster child, it would be none other than Matt James. Born on Dec. 5, he radiates the stereotypical Sag energy as a fiery and spontaneous goal-chaser who is obsessed with self-improvement. No wonder why we got so many shirtless workout cameos this past season!

The defining factor of a Sagittarius, that James has no shortage of, is the detached and free-spirit lifestyle they follow. It wasn’t surprising when the 29-year-old admitted that he has “never been in love” because getting a Sag to commit and settle down is nearly impossible. James is someone who craves adventure, is always planning his next move and is constantly looking for ways to better himself. He would never make a decision without being 101% sure -- explaining why his last-second doubts at the end of the season led him to leave with a relationship instead of an engagement. 

Sagittarians are the zodiac sign that will only fall in love a few times within an entire life. If things start to crumble in a relationship, they are quick to retract their feelings and walk away rather than fixing the issue. When the racial controversy arose with Rachel Kirkconnell, James stepped away and remained silent when the two were questioned about their relationship during “After the Final Rose.”

One thing is certain among all stone-cold Sagittarians: once they make up their mind, they almost never look back. Sorry, Rach! 

Cassie Randolph: Taurus 

Taurus is the human teddy bear of the zodiac wheel. They’re all about comfort and beauty with a need to feel emotionally secure and safe in all situations. The way Cassie Randolph (season 23) acted during Colton Underwood’s season was just downright…Taurus. Although those born under the star sign seem innocent and genuine, they also are masterminds at getting what they want. They know how to keep their soft, harmless image, while also knowing how to play their cards right. 

Underwood hails under the sign Aquarius, meaning he’s in no rush to settle down and will move as slowly as a sloth in a relationship. However, the second someone pulls away and a challenge is sensed in the slightest bit, they will chase at full speed (or jump a 10-foot fence, if you will). 

Taureans have goddess-like energy to them, something Randolph used to lure Underwood in and then rip the rug under his feet. When she felt doubts and suddenly left during Fantasy Suite week, her self-elimination pulled on his heart-strings so hard that it basically guaranteed that Underwood would only choose her in the end.

Dylan Barbour: Gemini

There’s always that one couple that stands out from the rest on Bachelor in Paradise. For season 6, no other couple came close to Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin, who were clearly made for each other. It’s to no surprise that these two have a zodiac compatibility made in astrological heaven. 

Born on June 16, Barbour falls under the sign Gemini. Godwin, born on Feb. 4, is an Aquarius. The compatibility comes down to the fact that both are air signs, meaning the two just flow perfectly by understanding each other emotionally, intellectually and physically. When romance starts to blossom between two signs under the same element, it happens faster than lightning and is impossible to let go of. 

Geminis are all about the game; they’re a hard fish to catch with their social butterfly, people-pleasing nature. While it doesn’t take much to grab their attention, keeping it is where things get complicated. If you’ve ever dated an Aquarius, you know they are one of a kind. Luckily for Barbour, Godwin is the perfect bliss point that offers loyalty and stability, while also always keeping him on his toes. 

Barbour acted in his true Gemini nature when he felt like his relationship was being threatened by Blake, who was shooting on Godwin throughout the season. He established an emotional connection by making himself vulnerable and open to Godwin, who would favor true connection over lust any day. 

Hannah Brown: Libra 

If one thing should be universally known about Libras, it’s that they will never settle for less. Hannah Brown (season 15) led her season with an iron fist and was unapologetically herself the whole way through. Libras are flirts of the zodiac wheel and typically go through many relationships within a lifetime until they find their perfect match. They typically stray away from conflict but have no problem calling people out if they see fit. Brown’s Libra nature was obvious throughout the season as she always admired the guys who fought hard, while having no issue tossing the duds to the curb. 

As annoying as it was that season villain Luke P. made it all the way to Fantasy Suites, her zodiac sign offers an explanation as to why she just couldn’t let go. Even when all the red flags are there, Libras are the sign who want to make people change for them and believe they have the willpower to do so. They won’t completely let someone go until all their hope has fully gone away. It may have taken until the very end, but once Brown saw the monster (for herself) in Luke P., she erupted with her true Hannah-Beast rage. 

Brown is currently dating model and actor Adam Woolard. The Libra-Taurus match is much better suited for the former Bachelorette -- giving her the comfort and trust she needs, while also matching her level of stubbornness. 


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