Who doesn’t love laughing? With April being National Humor Month, people have all the more reason to. Celebrate accordingly with the addicting social media platform that has taken the world by storm: TikTok. 

TikTok features millions of users' funny antics and comedy sketches. It’s like a mashup of America’s Funniest Home Videos and Saturday Night Live

One could easily get lost in the neverending scroll of their TikTok feed. Looking for funny content at your fingertips? Get lost in the cycle of scrolling, laughing and liking, by checking out this list of six popular TikTokers. 


Most know the struggle of trying on clothes and it looks nothing like how it does on the model. TikToker Remi has been there and says what we are all thinking with her series of realistic clothing haul videos. She tries on a variety of clothing and different brands whilst speaking the hilariously accurate truth.


Brittany, aka Kombucha Girl, is known for her laugh out loud videos and bold personality. Followers find her incredibly relatable. Watching Brittany’s videos are like having a silly conversation with your best friend. 


Trisha Paytas has been internet famous for a while now, including on TikTok. She is not afraid to be authentic and put herself out there. Her most recent viral stunt involved pretending to be a Domino’s pizza worker.  


Arron Scully’s claim to viral fame is his POV videos from the perspective of a young, often preteen boy. The POV’s are exaggerated, raunchy and hilarious. To top it all off, in each video he sports a ridiculous face and voice altering filter. 


Dennie Augustine is loud and in your face. Her delivery of advice and motivation is funny, yet she uplifts you in a way you didn’t know you needed. 


Quen was originally from the old social media platform Vine and she still holds a strong following on TikTok. She’s a classic content creator, real, relatable and has the best reactions.