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Nelson Dining Hall on South Green.

Here's the best, worst food at Nelson Dining Hall

It’s been a month since the Fall Semester has begun, and students are eager to be back on campus and in-person once again. The one dreaded thing? Dining hall food, of course. 

With Shively Dining Hall being used for COVID-19 testing, the only available options for both traditional and flex meal plan students are Nelson Dining Hall on South Green and Boyd Dining Hall on West Green. Both have different food to offer students, with some having a “pizza” our hearts while others leave us feeling scrambled on the inside. Here are the three best and three worst foods at Nelson Dining Hall:



A classic dining hall dish that stays consistent every meal. Obviously, the pizza is simple and the easiest go-to. Whether it be cheese, pepperoni or sausage, you can’t go wrong with a warm slice. The crispy crust pairs well with the flavorful sauce and stringiness of the cheesy that can satisfy any craving.

Orange chicken

Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside. What’s not to love? The sweet taste has a hint of honey that allows sweet and savory to mix in a balanced combo. Whether it be paired with the sushi rice, lettuce or even by itself, the orange chicken can be the star with a zesty zing that can’t compare to anything else in the dining hall.

French fries

A side that can’t be beat, the French fries are seasoned to perfection with salt and pepper. The crispiness of the exterior goes well with the fluffy potato insides while not tasting mushy or underdone. It’s definitely a favorite staple to go along with any burger or sandwich.


Grilled chicken

A lackluster protein that’s dry and hard to swallow. The grilled chicken has a strong pepper taste without much flavoring or any other seasoning. Compared to being undercooked, the chicken is so overdone that it becomes crumbly and cough-inducing. The brown and white color of the meal also leaves the food looking unappealing.

Vegetable egg roll

The satisfying crunch of the egg roll wrapper can’t save the soggy and greasy middle. The filling has a wet texture with no taste of any of the individual vegetables but, instead, creates a homogenous flavor that can’t be described as anything other than bland and slightly bitter. If dipped in sauce, the dish overall can only be saved so much before the oil begins to upset your stomach.

Pepperoni stick

The pepperoni stick wishes it could be the pizza slices in the dining hall. The soft, garlicky outside can’t do much to save the uniform and overly sauced inside. It leaves a gummy feeling in the mouth that’ll have you questioning what you’re actually eating. Hard pass.


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