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11 ways to make your long distance relationship easier

Let’s face it: long-distance relationships suck. The only thing that makes them bearable is the person on the other end that you love so dearly. While they can entice feelings of anxiety over what your partner might be doing or if they will lose interest, long-distance is also the ultimate test that can grow your connection immensely and change it for the better. Despite the distance, you both chose to stay together which has promise in itself. Times will get rough, but remember to appreciate your S.O. when you miss them and that distance means nothing when you love someone so much. There’s a few key practices to follow when ensuring that your attraction stays alive and your connection doesn't go stale. 

While it might be uncomfortable being apart, these tips will soothe your nerves. Here’s eleven ways to make your long-distance relationship easier: 

1. Don’t text every second of the day

Simply put, only talk when you have something to say. While communication is important, giving your partner a play by play of your every move is downright annoying. All this can lead to is less attraction and more room for dull conversations. Hit up your bae sparingly throughout the day by giving them the classic “good morning, have a good day!” and end your day with a FaceTime where you can debrief your day face-to-face. 

2. Make sure you have similar goals in common 

Before getting into a long-distance relationship (LDR), assess your long-term goals first. Do you plan on living in the same city? Do you want to live together soon? Will you both have stable jobs? Do you even see yourself settling down eventually with this person? These are all heavily important questions that can make or break a relationship.If your goals don't align and you don’t see yourself being together for the long run, putting yourself through a LDR might be a waste of time. 

3. Send surprise gifts

Let your partner know how much they mean to you by sending a small gift of your love. Send a Bond Touch Bracelet that you and your S.O. can wear. Just touch the bracelet when you’re thinking of your partner and theirs will light up and vibrate. Send a love letter, a duffle bag for a future trip or even a pillowcase with your scent on it.  

4. Always have a future date for when you’ll see eachother next

Without a future date in mind, it can be easy to fall into a pit of anxiety of when you’re going to see eachother next. This tip is easily the most important because it’s the glue that holds a long-distance relationship together. If you can, plan future trips that you can look forward to together. Traveling will even make your relationship all the more strong.

5. Let them know you’re thinking about them

Sometimes our entire day can be turned around when our partner sends us something that lets them know we’re on his/her mind. This could be a picture, a sign on a billboard, a Tweet or an Instagram post of an inside joke. There’s no better feeling. 

6. Make them a playlist

Music is something that can creatively communicate how you feel. Compile a playlist of all the songs that remind you of your partner or how they make you feel. Gift it as a fun way to remind them how much you love them. 

7. Netflix n’ chill

That’s right: virtual Netflix n’ chill. Have a long distance movie night by choosing a movie or show to watch together. Find a time you both are going to start it and then have a discussion about it as it goes on. This is a great way to still experience things together when you're apart. 

8. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

If you can’t communicate effectively, long-distance is just not for you. Communication is the foundation of all relationships, but all the more important once you're apart. There’s a bliss point between being excessively annoying and not giving enough. Get creative by sending voice messages as your response over a text sometimes, send videos of you talking about things happening during your day or have a random FaceTime call. 

9. Don’t over-plan you time together

When you finally get time together, don’t plan it down to the second. Leave some room for a spontaneous outing or some much needed personal time. Truthfully, more times than not you need to just relax together and laying on the couch is better than a 5-star dinner sometimes. 

10. Swap belongings

Oh, the sweatshirts make the time apart all the more bearable. One of the best feelings is throwing on your partner's sweatshirt or T-shirt and it still has a hint of their scent. Or, if you have a gift from them, use it. Every article of clothing or gift is always better when it's from your special person. It sometimes can make them feel closer than they really are.

11. Have an end in sight

Above all, you need to have an end; long distance relationships cannot be done forever. You will either end by settling down or by breaking up. If you want to have a successful LDR, you have to want to eventually be living life together and have some time frame of when that will be.


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