Giving all the 70s vibes anyone would ever need, flare pants have become an accessory in almost everyone’s closet, or at least they should. Providing a sense of spice to a basic outfit, flare pants have proven to be a fan favorite.

The beauty of flare pants revolves around the versatility they provide. With different colors, patterns and textures, flare pants can be dressed up and down – adding to their deserved rave.

Being an early 2000s trend, flare pants give a nostalgic feel, like walking through a movie from the 90s. However, the trend, although deemed to be something of the 2000s, didn’t stop there. Seen today on Selena Gomez and Sophie Turner, celebrities have a big impact on the comeback of this trend.

A notable celebrity sporting flare pants includes Emma Chamberlain, who might be the biggest contributor of them all. Chamberlain is seen sporting an alternative style often, growing in popularity in recent years. Due to her trendy, expressive style and increasing fame, many people have started to be influenced by what the social media star wears. 

TikTok has also been a contributor to the rise of flared pants, increasing the demand for the pants to be a trend. Many people are seen styling the pants in videos, influencing others to do the same.

The comfortable but trendy pants are coming in strong when it comes to different types of jeans. Bell bottoms have become a go-to in many people’s closets, allowing for a step-up from the classic mom jean. 

Jeans are only one of the ways flare pants are shown, for they can also be seen in a yoga-pant style. Yoga pants allow for more flexibility and comfort, while still giving the illusion one tried on their outfit. Places like Lululemon and Athleta have taken advantage of this rising trend and started selling pieces fitting the category.

Another contributor, besides the style, is the pattern. The pattern of the pants contributes to the vibe the pants will ultimately give off. For a more retro, eye-catching manner, some pants have flowers or psychedelic patterns displayed on them. Others are solid colors waiting to be styled with something eccentric or simple.

Oftentimes, the pants are styled with a small top, giving a small-top, big-pant result. However, I think the beauty in flare pants revolves around the different ways everyone styles them, for no one really styles them the same. With the freedom they provide, people of all body types are able to create their own outfit they feel confident in.

Although flare pants have slowly started to show up in popular stores like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and Princess Polly, many gems can be found in thrift stores, contributing to the authentic feel. 

Another reason contributing to the comeback is the anti-skinny jean movement. Skinny jeans have become too “basic” for many and flare jeans almost came back with a vengeance in mind. Although skinny jeans have their advantages, flare jeans have more dimension, making them a necessity for everyone’s closet.

Flare pants are another contributor to the comeback of old trends and should continue to be worn by anyone, for they are for everyone. 

Kayla Bennett is a sophomore studying journalism. Please note that the views and ideas of columnists do not reflect those of The Post. Want to talk to Kayla? Tweet her @kkayyben.