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6 Amazon décor essentials for your room

Whether you're living in a dorm or your first apartment, making your room feel comfortable and personalized requires some decor. Although the space may be small, a few key additions can make your room all the more cozy and pleasing. Amazon has countless options, but sorting through all of them would be one big headache. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you.

Instead of studying in a dimly lit room, brighten the place up with a sunlight projector that will give your space a lovely orange glow. Show off your interest and keep your textbooks intact with some stylish bookends that bring some personality to the space. Give yourself some much needed storage space with a bedside shelf so you’re no longer fumbling in the dark for your phone. Here are six Amazon essentials you need for your room:

  1. Bookends ($17.99)

Bookends range from functional to downright gaudy. Check out this pair of T-Rex Skull bookends to see for yourself. In dorm rooms, they can be a necessary utility to store your books between classes and open up space where they’d otherwise be sitting in a big pile on your desk. 

Despite the relative plainness of bookends, they offer the chance for expression through the design of the bookend itself, as well as the books within. Buy some Shakespeare if you want to look intelligent, or buy some self-help books to look wise.

This bookend design is made of steel and is heavy enough to handle small to medium-sized books. The simple tree design adds some liveliness and personality, but doesn't stick out too much.

2. Sunlight Projector ($18.50)

Constellation projectors have had their time in the sun, now have a projector that gives you the sun. This item is more of a novelty than actually useful. Do not use it as a reading light.

However, it does offer nice mood lighting to the room. Use it when inviting guests over and you want a nice, warm glow over the bright neon LEDs of most string-lights. Warm colors create a more inviting atmosphere and having this turned on late in the afternoon may help alleviate stress. 

Having a room lit only by LEDs can actually harm your sleep as most operate within the blue light spectrum, keeping you awake. 

3. Chemex Coffee Maker ($44.63)

Aside from its intended use as a coffee maker, a Chemex Coffeemaker can also double as a nice desk decoration or room ornament. What’s most useful is that it can serve two functions at once. 

Having a dedicated coffee device can make school go by much easier during a busier week. Your daily iced coffee order from Starbucks can add up. With a Chemex, some filters and an electric kettle, coffee that is infinitely better than store-bought drip brews can be had at a fraction of the price.

Making coffee in the morning and opening the door is sure to draw attention to your space making it a great way to make friends and meet your dorm mates. You might find sunken eye neighbors knocking on your door and asking for a cup of hot brown liquid every morning. 

4. Bedside Shelf ($35.99)

One of the most important things missing from a dorm bedroom is a nightstand. A place to lay glasses, books or a glass of water. However, there’s usually no room available in a room to add one.  Placing things on the floor is a temporary solution, but it might get tiring to step on your cell phone every morning. 

A bedside shelf can alleviate these problems. It can provide ample space to store night-time items by simply clicking onto the side of your bed. The only problem is someone is bound to run their knee into it during a groggy trip to the restroom. 

5. Clip on light ($16.49)

A clip-on light is a severely underrated item to have. When sharing a room with someone, a late night study session or reading in bed is difficult because you don’t want to keep them awake. 

With this Amazon essential, the comfort of studying in bed can be had without bothering a roommate. This particular model comes with three light modes so it can be adjusted to best suit the situation. 

A bright light to stay awake or a warm light to settle into sleep? You can have both with this smart dorm accessory. 

6. A folding moon chair ($34.98)

The old wooden chairs in your dorm are bound to give you back pain, speaking from experience. Having a nice chair to recline on during relaxed study sessions is therefore a necessity. An extra chair is also great for having guests over if you don’t want them dirtying your bed or sitting cross legged on the floor.

The benefit of this chair is that it folds up making it easy to move. You can take it between different rooms or even outside onto the campus green. Make sure you don’t leave it outside though, rain will ruin the plush. 


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