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The guys did not disappoint on their entrances this season with some of the most unique ones in Bachelor history. (Photo provided by @bacheloretteabc via Instagram). 

TV Review: Michelle Young made a slam dunk on the season premiere of the ‘Bachelorette’

Rose lovers we are in for an exciting new season of the Bachelorette.

Miss Michelle Young is our new Bachelorette and she has not disappointed us this far. Michelle is a 28-year-old teacher and former basketball all-star from St. Louis Park, Minnesota. She is ready to step on the court of love and is hoping to score a relationship by the end. 

We have thirty new smoking hot guys coming in this week and a first impression rose on the table. The guys did not disappoint on their entrances this season with some of the most unique ones in Bachelor history. While we met a lot of great guys, we also might have met our first villain this week. 

The guys’ unforgettable first entrances 

School buses, ice cream trucks, fire trucks, a tuxedo speedo and dining carts were some of the standout entrances the guys made this season. All were on a mission to make themselves unforgettable and they slayed the assignment. 

One of the most remarkable entrances was Rick’s entrance. Rick was rolled in on a dining cart with his head on a platter. Rick made sure to add some corny jokes to his first impression. This definitely surprised Michelle and left her giggling the rest of the night. Rick stayed in the dining cart all the way up until his one-on-one with Michelle. Michelle found his idea very comical. Rick’s entrance gave him some extra brownie points going into the rose ceremony where he did indeed secure a rose. We have a lot to see from jokester Rick and the rest of the contestants this season. 

Our first of many villains this season 

In the beginning of the episode, hosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe went around to the guys’ rooms to get a good idea of where these guys were coming from. 

When Tayshia and Kaitlyn went to visit Ryan they found some alarming information. Ryan created an entire plan of how he was going to make the most of his time on the Bachelorette. He had documents, notes, and folders of information about how to get the most screen-time, how not to be the villain and a bunch of information on Michelle. Tayshia and Kaitlyn did not say anything to Michelle at first to add to her nerves. After Michelle had a one-on-one conversation with Ryan, Tayshia and Kaitlyn pulled Michelle aside and exposed Ryan's plan. Michelle wanted to see the papers for herself and Ryan showed her everything. After a defeating and emotional reveal of Ryan’s secrets and red flags, Michelle immediately sent Ryan home. This girl is not messing around and knows what she wants, and Ryan is not it. 

Nayte scores the first impression rose 

Our man Nayte stole the first impression rose this season. Butterflies and sparks were flying for these two. As soon as Nayte stepped out of the limo Michelle had her eyes on him. Nayte expressed to Michelle at the cocktail party that it is very hard for him to be vulnerable. However, Michelle saw a different side to Nayte after his confession. Nayte broke down a few walls and Michelle felt that she really could see another side to Nayte. Nayte’s actions and words scored him the first impression rose. We still have a lot to learn about Nayte but this will be one exciting journey for the two of them. 

We are in for one fun, dramatic and exciting season of the Bachelorette. Michelle is definitely going to have her hands full this season. 


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