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Boyd Hall's District on West Green on Monday, Oct. 12, 2020. (FILE)

Here’s the best, worst food at Boyd Dining Hall

We’re more than halfway through the semester, and there’s one constant that’s been with all of us through this time: the dining hall food. 

After ranking the grub from Nelson, it’s time to review The District on West Green, also known as Boyd. While it’s a little out of the way for those on South and East Greens, the walk to West is worth it for some new eats and flavor varieties. Housing concepts including Carver’s Cut, Noodled and Destinations, it’s sure to always have something fresh and tasty. Here are the three best and three worst foods at Boyd Dining Hall:


Jasmine rice and pita

An underrated choice, the jasmine and pita are great options that don’t seem to get enough love. The rice is soft and fluffy with a neutral taste that can be mixed with any main dish from the dining hall. Matched with a light and airy pita, the duo can’t be beat.

Turkey BLT

Almost everyone who has gone to Boyd before will rave about Between the Bread. The sandwiches are a quick and delicious option, but the best by far is the turkey BLT. Placed on crispy pieces of Texas toast, the flavorful turkey complements the crunchy bacon while holding fresh tasting elements of tomato and lettuce. 


Craving barbecue? Then the brisket is definitely for you. The meat is well-cooked to a tender texture while not being fatty or overly greasy. No wonder there’s always a wait at Carver’s Cut — the brisket is a perfect choice for any kind of meat-eater.


Ranch alfredo

When craving pasta, the last thing you want it to do is sit heavy in your stomach. The ranch alfredo has a thick and creamy consistency that is nauseating when eaten cold and only worsens due to how oily and greasy it is. The slightly garlicky flavor can satisfy you for only so long before you begin to feel sick.

Vegan quesadilla

A quesadilla that doesn’t even feel like a quesadilla, it’s served cold, so the vegan cheese falls out of the tortilla like snowflakes or pencil shavings. The vegetables feel slightly out of place as well, due to them not being warm. It’s as if veggie fajitas had a bland twin.

Honeyed carrots

This is a vegetable pairing that will leave your taste buds confused. The carrots don’t even have the flavor of carrots. Instead, there’s an almost plastic-like taste with a hint of sweetness. The sweetness doesn’t taste like honey, however, and the Italian seasoning with rosemary only increases the oddness. 


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