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Whether you believe “couch guy” is cheating on Zarras there are hundreds of videos mocking the situation and here are 7 of the best of them. (Screenshots from the viral "couch guy" TikTok video). 

Top 7 “couch guy” TikToks ranked

If you’re on TikTok and have not seen either the original “couch guy” TikTok, a parody or a deep dive into it — true crime style — then where have you been? “Couch guy” went viral when @laurenzarras posted a video of her surprising her boyfriend on Sept. 21, and since then the internet went wild. 

In the video Lauren walked into the room to her boyfriend on the couch with three other girls. She captioned the video “Robbie had no idea” not only was he surprised, but he left a lot of red flags that the viewers took a deep dive into. Whether you believe “couch guy” is cheating on Zarras, there are hundreds of videos mocking the situation and here are 7 of the best of them:

7. Couch girl’s perspective

Something a lot of viewers of the original video wanted was the story of the girl next to “couch guy,” however, her true story was drama free. To make up for the lack of entertainment 

@theindietiktoker made a video to “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell captioned “when uve been sleeping with a boy at uni and ur wearing his hoodie and his girlf walks in.” 

6. Harvard hickey

In this instance of “surprising my significant other” @ethanckelly posted a sweet reunion captioned “surprising my boyfriend at Harvard after 6 months of being away from each other.” The best part of the video was when the boyfriend came out wearing a Stanford sweatshirt and a “mosquito bite,” as many of the comments called it, on his neck. Nobody ran behind him; it was probably just a ghost! 

5. Parent Trap sleepover

@Mjgrimesley1001 pulls a Lindsey Lohan and plays two parts, herself and the other girl. In the video she walks in to surprise her Clemson tight end boyfriend, Brendan Galloway, to find him cuddling with another girl. When she enters the room, Galloway pushes the other girl off the bed, and Grimsley captions her video with “he was letting his girl best friend sleep over how sweet is he!!” Grimsley is right, Galloway is so sweet to let her twin sleepover!

@mjgrimsley1001 he was letting his girl best friend sleep over how sweet is he!! #couchguy @bradengalloway ♬ still falling for you - audiobear

4. Cheating cats

By far one of the cutest videos comes from @Stanleythestanman where the owner surprises their cat by getting home early just to find Stanley cuddling with another kitty. But it's ok! They’re like a sibling to him! 

3. Typical Warner

Some big name groups like MGM studios added their own twist by using footage from Legally Blond when Elle saw Warner in the courtyard and found out he was engaged. It has been determined that Warner is the original “couch guy.”

2. Wedding day surprises

@mdsnrh held together like a trooper when she walked in on her wedding day to surprise her groom, but found him and some of her bridesmaids a little too close together. Talk about an awkward first look! The best part about the situation is that the bridal party had to take time out of their busy day to film the video.

1. This one hurt

Number one comes from @thepostathens where The Post member Kayla Bennett, wearing a weekly tab on her back, comes to find Abby Neff about to open up a different newspaper, specifically The Athens News. This has to be the biggest betrayal in The Post’s long history.


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