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6 budget friendly nail and hair trends for fall

Fashionistas, it’s that time of the year where the leaves begin to fall, pumpkins are on every corner and the air is crisp and cool. 

Fall is a period of transition from the humid months of summer to the bitter cold of winter. Fall brings a sense of excitement and preparation with the holiday season just right around the corner. It’s time to trade up for some new beauty trends to update your look this autumn. 

Here are six budget-friendly hair and nail looks to spice up your fall look:

Neutral fall nail colors 

An easy go-to look for nails is just a simple neutral fall color. Fall colors are something you can get creative with. There are dozens of purple, red, orange, green and even nude shades that can give your nails all the fall vibes. While this may be the easiest update, it is also the cheapest look. Most of these colors can be found at your local convenience store. However, this bright pumpkin-y press on set is $13.00 from POM and includes the nail set, file and glue. 

Halloween nail designs 

Who doesn’t love Halloween? Spooking out your nails with a cute Halloween design is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. Adding some cute skeletons, pumpkins, ghosts, spider-webs, etc. to your nails is a great way to show off your spooky side. Color Street Nails offers dozens of Halloween designs and even fall colors at an affordable price. Color street nails are easy application, have long durability, and are budget-friendly. All of their Halloween sets are around $13.00 and last up to two weeks. 

Leafy inspired nail look  

For another fall-inspired nail look, try a leafy design. There are tons of different ways to create a leafy nail look. You can mix it up and do one statement nail with a leafy design and pair it with other neutral fall colors. You can incorporate some plaid into your look and match it with a leafy nail. This autumn look can also be used throughout the entirety of the fall season not just for Halloween but Thanksgiving too. Maniology sells these autumn stamping plates for around $7.00. A super cheap and easy way to achieve that fall look you’ve been dying for. 

Hair scarves 

Hair scarves are a perfect way to glitz up any fall look. These simple accessories can bring your hairstyle to life and can be used in a variety of ways. Many times, headscarves are tied under the head and the hair is then pulled through to give a whimsical look. Many people wear their hair with loose curls, but straight hair would work for this look as well. Another way is to tie the hair scarf into a scrunchie. Scrunchies are a great way to brighten up any ponytail. Headscarves are a very affordable hair accessory. Urban Outfitters sells paisley headscarves for around $10.00. This is a very affordable way to give your hair all the fall vibes. 


Beanies are the easiest way to hide a bad hair day. Just add a few curls in your hair, throw on a beanie and call it a day. You can also pair a beanie with two loose braids or even straight hair. Beanies won’t only hide your greasy hair but they also bolden your outfit. There are so many different types of beanies in all colors, sizes, designs, etc. Beanies are a great way to express yourself in a cheap way! Carhartt beanies are one of the more popular types --  ranging from $16.99 to $27.00 depending on the color and style of your choice.  

Brimmed hats

What screams fall more than brimmed hats? Well, they’re coming in hot and fast. This new trend is starting to sweep across all fashion platforms. Wearing a brimmed hat is a great way to vivify your fall look. You can wear one with loose curls or even loose braids. There are multiple ways you can style your hair to pull off this easy look. Brimmed hats are super cute but are definitely on the more expensive side. Lane 201Boutique sells brimmed hats for $32.00. This is definitely a cheaper price compared to others but it is worth the money. 

No matter what kind of look you are trying to achieve this fall, you can’t go wrong with any of these budget-friendly nail and hair looks! 


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