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Enjoy the fall weather at these study spots around campus

Being stuck inside all day is never fun, especially when it is a gorgeous day outside. 

Now that we have been graced with the presence of fall weather, we have to enjoy it. For so long it has been extremely hot, and soon it will be extremely cold. Fall is the perfect time of year to get outside and actually be able to enjoy yourself without worrying about being sweaty and gross.

Studying and doing work is never fun, but it is something college students have to do. So why not make it more interesting?

Studying inside can lead to a plethora of distractions. Maybe you can’t put your phone down, or perhaps the coffee shop you thought would help you be productive is just too loud. 

Being outside already has plenty of physical and emotional benefits, especially when it comes to concentration. Taking work outside can help you knock things off your to-do list while simultaneously caring for your well-being.

These spots around campus are the perfect places to hit the books and enjoy that fresh fall air:

Literally anywhere on College Green

College Green is already one of the most beautiful parts of campus. Bring a blanket and your backpack and be surrounded by all of the tall trees as their leaves begin to fall.

Pick up a coffee from somewhere close by, like Court Street Coffee or Starbucks, spread out everything on your blanket and get to work.

You have plenty of room on College Green to lay out all of your materials around you and see what needs to be done. Make it your own space so you can get as much work done as possible.  

Outside of Baker Center

You have two wonderful options to study outside of Baker. 

First, there are the picnic tables out front.

There is a bit more hustle and bustle of people coming in and out of Baker along with people walking by trying to get to class. However, if you just pop in some headphones, you won’t notice a thing. 

This spot allows you to people-watch a bit more if you are in need of a study break. Typically, everyone else at this spot is just trying to get work done, too, and that environment can put you in a more productive mood.

Second, there is the patio around the back of Baker.

This location is more quiet and peaceful, and it also has a beautiful view of campus. To the left is Emeriti Park, and to the right, you can see The Ridges poking through the trees. As beautiful as this view is, once you sit down at a table it is a bit harder to see, which makes it easier to focus. 

Both of these places are conveniently located outside of The Front Room Coffee House, where you can get some caffeine and a bite to eat to fuel your study session. 

Emeriti Park

Pretty much anywhere at OU you will be surrounded by trees. But at Emeriti Park, you can enjoy yourself by the pond as well.

Chill under the gazebo, put your phone on Do Not Disturb and finish that assignment you’ve been procrastinating.

Outdoor seating at Brenen’s

Sometimes you just can’t stay away from coffee shops when you want to study.

If you are going to a coffee shop to study, expand your horizons a bit and see if they offer outdoor seating. Since Brenen’s is right on Court Street, there is a lot going on around you. But again, just bring some headphones and play some music so that you can focus.

Donkey Coffee also offers seating upstairs with a balcony you can study at. Cozy up with a pumpkin spice latte or a “chaider” from Donkey and get to work.

While these are all specific locations, there are plenty more hidden gems around campus.

Maybe it’s a bench tucked away somewhere in the peace and quiet, or a staircase no one uses often, but there are plenty of secluded oases that are perfect for outdoor study time — you just have to find them.


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