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Here's our favorite Thanksgiving dishes

Just before the end of the semester, we break for a brief intermission at home to have a peaceful week surrounded by loved ones. When it comes to Thanksgiving, it’s time to rejoice with hometown friends, watch holiday movies and, yes, bask in all the food comas. 

Thanksgiving looks different for everyone. But, when it comes to the food, it’s the flavorful dishes that we make memories and share laughs over. Although it’s great to see Aunt Susan after another year, it’s the mashed potatoes we really have our eyes on. Here are a few of our favorite Thanksgiving meals we are looking forward to:

1. Mashed potatoes 

Nothing is better than entering the kitchen on Thanksgiving and seeing a heaping bowl of mashed potatoes on the counter. Chunky or smooth, with or without skins, mashed potatoes bring together the entire meal. You can mix them with your vegetables, turkey and gravy to get the ultimate Thanksgiving experience. Mashed potatoes are also perfect leftovers — if there’s even any left. - Caroline Kammerer

2. Green beans

Hoping to get some greens in during the huge meal, green beans are the perfect side to tie Thanksgiving together. While stuffing your face all day, these allow you to feel a bit better about feasting. Green beans, cut or not, tied with onions and even some ham or bacon, remind you of what home-cooked dishes are all about. - Kendall Wright

3. Buttered rolls

A classic must-have at Thanksgiving, buttered rolls can give anyone a warm and comforting feeling. The best part is they’re a great side dish to snack on before the meal, and they complement the main course dinner as well. It’s the perfect food to make you feel toasty and right at home when celebrating with family during the holiday, and you can never go wrong with some fluffy and buttery carbs. - Mimi Calhoun

4. Mac and cheese

A classic at Thanksgiving, my mom’s special recipe for mac and cheese always gives that sense of home I can’t get anywhere else. It’s the perfect balance between a great side dish and the main course. It’s something you’ll never get enough of and screams togetherness throughout the holidays. - William Troyer

5. Baked carrot/beet side dish 

My family is Scottish, so when I celebrate with my dad’s side of the family, we usually have this. It’s pretty much carrots and radishes mashed together, but it’s super sweet and you can’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I love when my grandma makes this because it makes me feel closer to my Scottish roots. - Grace Koennecke

6. Corn casserole

This is an underrated dish I always look forward to eating every holiday season. I admit that it doesn’t seem that appetizing since it’s basically cornbread, corn and cream. Although it is a very simple dish, it always has my father and me fighting over the leftovers year after year. The fighting makes the dish much more appreciated in my heart.  - Logan Humphrey

7. Purple sweet potato pie 

Obviously, being a vegan on Thanksgiving has more lows than highs when it comes to the dinner table. It usually means my great aunt asking me if I’m “still doing that vegan thing,” how she could never because she “just can’t live without cheese,” having a smaller plate than everyone else from the lack of options and never being able to relate to the food coma feeling. To say the least, it’s not my favorite holiday. However, when it comes to this dish, it’s my one silver lining and the thing I look forward to most when it comes to Thanksgiving. My mom decided to make this fun alternative to pumpkin pie three years ago, and it’s been a staple on our table ever since. The dessert comes with a raw date and almond crust, mashed purple sweet potatoes and vegan whipped cream on top. If you’re looking for a dairy-free option on your table, this one will never disappoint. - Mady Lewellyn

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