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Every song from Troye Sivan’s 'Blue Neighborhood' album, ranked

Troye Sivan is an Australian native who’s known for beginning his career on Australian music shows, as well as Youtube, as a singer-songwriter and actor. Despite being widely known by international fans as a Youtuber, Sivan eventually slipped more into the music scene in 2013 after being signed by EMI Australia. His first EP, TRXYE, gained notable traction back in 2014, and his second EP, WILD, followed soon after in 2015. 

Before the release of Blue Neighborhood, Sivan’s WILD EP contained six songs that would soon be put into his first studio album. He teased the full album by releasing a music video trilogy with “WILD,” “FOOLS” AND “TALK ME DOWN.” Blue Neighborhood can be noted as one of the most popular and influential pop albums of 2015. Today, we’re here to rank every song off of Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighborhood album:

16. “WILD (XXYYXX Remix)”

A song that can’t beat the original. It’s usually difficult for a remix to top the OG, and XXYYXX is no exception. While the remix does keep primary elements from the regular track, the remix adds a new feel and nearly becomes its own separate piece.

15. “TOO GOOD”

Filled with unadulterated angst and sadness, “TOO GOOD” is the ultimate unrequited love song. It represents the experience of loving someone who is just too good for you, and in turn, the progression of something unhealthy starting to form.

14. “BITE”

Labeled by Sivan as “raunchy,” “BITE” is the most lustful and sexual song on the list. However, it’s hauntingly beautiful with the slow and breathy vocals pairing with a heavy instrumental backing.

13. “BLUE”

Another track with a sad and melancholy vibe. The lyrics give the feeling of when one shuts one’s self out and cannot see the color of life anymore. It’s bittersweet but there seems to be the idea that there will always be someone there to help show you the light once more, too. It’s a reassurance track that you’re not alone when you’re feeling blue.


A hurt-comfort track of sorts, “TALK ME DOWN” feels like a fuzzy blanket on a cold day. The lyrics indicate that one just wants safety and security in their lover but may not be able to receive that. It invokes the feeling of wanting someone with you and beside you but perhaps not necessarily in a sexual or romantic type of way.

11. “COOL”

“COOL” has the vibe of a sepia-toned music video that depicts a coming-of-age concept. It’s centered around wanting to fit in with the “cool kids” and doing things that are deemed stereotypically cool like smoking, drinking and partying. There’s an underlying message of emptiness. By not actually enjoying the things that one may think is cool, those actions can be a deflector of more personal problems.

10. ”DKLA”

DKLA stands for “Don’t Keep Love Around” and is the type of track to have you in tears with an aching heart. The powerful beats give a sense of urgency, as the lyrics portray a declining relationship and the helplessness of not being able to fix it.


“THE QUIET” feels like the idea of screaming, but no one can hear you. It’s fitting as the main idea of the song is getting the silent treatment by someone that you love. The whole track feels like a sense of deliriousness, as the majority of the song is repeated lyrics and a synthesizer sound.


If the desire to be free and independent was a song, it’d be “LOST BOY.” As often as the media and society pushes the importance of having a significant other, sometimes it’s more than enough to be your own person. “LOST BOY” accurately depicts the conflict of being with someone and leading them on but also wanting to be your own individual.

7. “EASE”

“EASE” embodies the relatable tenderness of missing home and those who reside there. Inspired by Sivan’s travels away from his home and family, the song has a warm and comforting emotion while a sense of yearning is held in the lyrics.

6. “FOOLS”

A heartbreak song that makes you want to scream the lyrics out loud. “FOOLS” replicates the feeling of falling for someone despite being opposites and then letting them go. Sivan’s lyrics also give off the sensation of wanting something you can’t have and still choosing to try and pursue it.

5. “YOUTH”

One of the best summer tracks of 2016, “YOUTH” is a quintessential song about enjoying one’s time being young. It’s the type of track to play with the windows rolled down as you drive in the car with your friends at sunset. It gives off all the joy and happiness of being young and free with no responsibilities.


Though Sivan is talking about his hometown of Perth, Australia, the song evokes a nostalgia for the listener’s own personal suburbia. The subjects touched on in the lyrics are universal with a self-reflection of missing moments that you can’t necessarily get back. It’s a song against time and wondering if those at home still think of you despite being absent.

3. “WILD”

The lead single from his EP, “WILD” already received lots of positive feedback before the release of Blue Neighborhood. It’s well deserved too, as the addictive beats compliment Sivan’s light baritone voice. The overall song gives the feeling of a wholesome puppy-love infatuation.


A track with all of the feels, “HEAVEN” contains a light and airy sound that has an ethereal sense. It’s a relatable song for those who identify as a part of the LGBTQ+ community, as the lyrics detail the struggles of figuring out one’s gender and sexuality while growing up. The whole idea of the song pulls at the heartstrings of those that listen since it also brings in the idea of religion with the notion, “If I can’t be myself, maybe I don’t want heaven.”

1. “for him.”

Pure perfection. The lyrics and concept of “for him.” give details into small and everyday intimacies that can be listened to and read as almost a love letter of sorts. It goes to show that grand and extravagant gestures in a relationship aren’t necessarily the memorable ones, but the somewhat mundane ones can hold just as much weight, if not more, in one’s heart.


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