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BedPost: Guide to holiday hookups

It’s “wyd?” season.  

These three little letters can tangle a knot in your stomach if they’re from the right person. With many returning home for the holidays, someone from your past is bound to reach out to you for a hookup. It could be that flirty coworker or the player from high school seeking a quick rendezvous.

Holiday hookups can be both exhilarating and terrifying. On one hand, it can be completely meaningless, but, on the other hand, it can mean a lot of things. Either way, Bedpost has you covered. Here’s what to know about hooking up for the holidays. 

Keep it light 

There’s a chance that this is a one-off thing and you won’t find yourself in this situation again. Remember to have fun and remain relaxed. Don’t cuddle with them or exchange forehead kisses, no matter how much you crave either. Reserve those for relationships so that no one gets hurt emotionally. 

Be Alone

If you’re going over to their house, or vice versa, make sure that it's not while extended family is over. There’s nothing worse than being walked in on by grandma Jean, who is looking for the bathroom. Ensure that your hookup will be stress-free by ensuring that you’re alone for the duration. 

Don’t force yourself to try something new 

As the hookup wears on, don’t force yourself to try something you haven’t done before. The hookup itself is probably new enough for the time being. Maximize your benefits by doing what you know. However, don’t be afraid to explore a little bit. Use this one-and-done chance as a trial run if you’re comfortable. 

Avoid that ex 

The comfort of home often compels you to want to meet up with your ex, but this is not your best option. College students are only home for a month or less, and no one wants to have to rehash old emotions in that time. Unless you have already been in contact with them, avoid hooking up with that ex — it will save you grief. 

Swear to secrecy 

Nobody wants to hear rumors circling of their hometown hookups, so be sure to swear each other to secrecy. Does this sound harsh? Yes, but it feels better to know that you won’t return home to hear a rumor that you’re the modern-day Hester Prynne. Part of the rush of a holiday hookup is sneaking around. Keep it that way by not telling a single soul. 

Consent is key

Listen to your heart and mind on this one. If you get a negative feeling about a potential hookup, don’t go. Or, if you are having second thoughts while with them, leave. They don’t need the whole story in either situation because that’s your business. Consent is not given because you’re in their bed. Make it known. 

BedPost is a relationship column that does not reflect the views of The Post. 

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