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Honestly, what can’t this man do? (Photo provided by @Variety via Twitter). 

6 reasons why you should stan Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield is finally getting the recognition and praise he deserves, as people have discovered their newfound love for his roles in films like The Social Network and The Amazing Spider-Man. Why not celebrate him even more with some of his most lovable moments?

Currently, it seems like the world of TikTok is in awe of Andrew Garfield, and honestly, who wouldn’t be? The British-American actor has re-emerged into the spotlight after making a surprise debut in Spider-Man: No Way Home (spoiler alert), and now people everywhere are finding new reasons to love him. Here is why you should, too:

He has an extreme love for Rupaul’s Drag Race

Garfield secretly loves Rupaul’s Drag Race and somehow seems to bring it up in every interview he’s recently been in. It’s almost surprising since you wouldn’t suspect this man to be such an avid fan. What most don’t know is he made an appearance as a guest judge on the U.K. version of the show back in 2019. In the episode, you can tell just how nice and sweet Garfield is and also his eye for detail, which will instantly make you smile. 

He literally smashed a computer in The Social Network

I’m sorry, but this might be one of the most iconic things Andrew Garfield has ever done acting-wise. This scene in The Social Network has been widely talked about on social media and also proves just how amazing his range is as a performer. What makes this moment so wonderful is just how good of a comeback this is in the movie, as his character, Eduardo Saverin, basically goes off on Mark Zuckerberg for backstabbing him in regards to his share of the company they created together: Facebook.

Garfield is extremely well-rounded 

Not only can he act, but he can sing. In November, Garfield starred as the late playwright Jonathan Larson in tick, tick… BOOM!. He had no vocal training or experience before, and viewers would never know. Garfield was also recently nominated for a Golden Globe for his stellar performance, which proves the dedication he had for this character. Honestly, what can’t this man do? 

The man has a sense of humor

Andrew Garfield is good at not taking himself too seriously. When he talks, you feel as though you can relate to what he’s saying, even if he is a major celebrity. The actor is also the best at making fun of people who criticize him but doing so in a lighthearted, witty way. Overall, he doesn’t let the negative or weirdly intrusive aspects of fame bring him down. 

He was definitely an amazing boyfriend to Emma Stone

The way Garfield describes others, especially those he has dated in the past, also proves this man simply has bad blood with no one. His The Amazing Spider-Man co-star, Emma Stone, was once the apple of his eye, even saying, “She came in and she was like a shot of espresso. She was like being bathed in sunlight. She’s incredibly energetic and enthusiastic,” which has gone viral on TikTok. Who even talks like that anymore? Obviously, Garfield has a way with words, and there’s no way you couldn’t fall in love with that aspect of him. 

Lastly, Garfield was a good Spider-Man

This may be controversial, but Garfield was perfect for the role in 2012. He was a healthy mix of nerdy yet rebellious, witty yet composed, and you can’t deny that he was a good version of Peter Parker. Was he a little too cool for the role at times? Yes, but he still did the part justice. He also made an ultimate comeback to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the recent smash-hit Spider-Man: No Way Home


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