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TV Review: We have some questions after ‘Euphoria’ season 2 finale

*Spoilers for season two’s finale ahead.*

Well, Euphoria fans, say goodbye to our beloved show for quite a while.

Though season three was renewed, there’s no telling when the new season will be released — and we’re left with a lot of questions after that episode.

To recap, last week on Euphoria, Lexie (Maude Apatow) debuted her play. As a result, everyone loved to see the doubles of themselves and have a mirror-facing moment, but Nate (Jacob Elordi) broke up with Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) because of it, and she set out to make Lexie pay.

This week, the audience felt Cassie’s wrath soon get squashed by Maddy's (Alexa Demie) hand — literally after she slapped Cassie.

Additionally, we had to say goodbye to the loyal, lovable Ashtray (Daelo Jin Walton), after the cops raided Fezco's (Angus Cloud) house. At the same time, though, we saw Faye (Chloe Cherry) show her true loyalty to Fezco and go against Custer (Tyler Chase), but Fezco was shot in the process of the raid, leaving the audience to wonder if he’ll make it through.

So, that’s the first question: Did Fezco make it out alive? The second, what will happen to Nate, his family and Jules (Hunter Schafer) after the police arrest Cal (Eric Dane)?

The third, what’s the result of Laurie (Martha Kelly) and Rue's (Zendaya) plot line? They never came back to that story when Rue was seemingly kidnapped, and Rue took a significant chunk of her money.

The fourth, what’s next for Gia (Storm Reid) in season three? It seems like Sam Levinson is setting her up for a much bigger role in season three, where Rue could have time to focus on Gia’s mental health. Gia should have a whole storyline regarding what’s going on with her next season.

The fifth, what’s next for the Cassie, Nate and Maddy situation? It’s clear Nate still loves Jules but doesn’t want to be with her because it feels too much like a queer relationship. So, what does that mean for Cassie? Maddy hints that the cycle of abuse will continue and this is only the beginning for her, so it’ll be interesting to see if Cassie really fully becomes the new Maddy, not only with identity but with pattern of relationship, too.

The sixth, what happens next for Lexie? Her relationship with Rue is back on track, but she hasn’t heard about Fezco yet. What will her character hold now that the play is over?

The seventh, what will come of characters like Elliot (Dominic Fike), Kat (Barbie Ferreira) and Jules next season? They have a lot of potential, but seeing what Kat’s character had this season, I wonder if she’ll have more emphasis next season and if these other characters have the same fate as hers.

The final question, what will happen next season? Why did Rue talk about the rest of the school year, as if there might be a time jump next season? Who will be focused on? What will the relationships be? Will any new characters completely mess up the dynamic? The answers are all coming, but until season three, we’ll just have to hold out.

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