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Here's 5 ways to show yourself some love this V-day

This national holiday is not just for couples; it can also be a day to treat yourself.

This year, take a trip to the store or scroll through your favorite sites online and spend some cash on your wonderful self. Whether it is something small or large, it’s important to show yourself some love, no matter what your relationship status is. 

Just remember to not get the meaning of this holiday confused: you can celebrate it however you please. And no matter how you spend this day, and who you spend it with, you still deserve to do a little something for yourself. Make self-love a priority this Valentine’s season with a few of these gift ideas:

For self-care lovers

Dedicate your Valentine’s Day this year to self-care. Whether you want to create a spa in the comfort of your own home or actually make an appointment, this is the time to give yourself a full glow-up. If you want to get out of the house, go ahead and make yourself an array of appointments, from nails to hair, to a facial and even a massage. 

If you want to stay home, get out your nail polishes and have fun with them. This is the time to try out that one nail design you’ve been dying to take a crack at. Before you hop in the bath or shower, lather your best hair mask all over your mane and let it soak in. Next up, take a nice bath with all of the bath oils, bath bombs and candles you can find. Amazon sells great bath kits for all of your needs. 

If you prefer showers, you can use a shower bomb to create a more relaxing atmosphere. Lastly, give yourself a facial. Pull out your favorite face mask and serums. Make sure to take the time to massage all of your products into your skin. This is your time to fully focus on yourself.

Something small but meaningful

If you are busy or don’t have the cash to spend, do something small but significant for yourself. Even if it isn’t extravagant or even that special, it is still an act of self-love. On this day, wake up early and treat yourself to a coffee from your favorite cafe. If that isn’t your jam, you can make a stop at your local grocery store and pick up some flowers. Put them in a vase in your room for you to happily wake up to. 

The best part of taking some time for yourself is that you can put in little effort. Take some time in your day to relax by taking a nap or watching your favorite movie or show. Whatever it is you like to do to wind down, make time to do exactly that. 

To reward yourself

If you have the extra funds, splurge on that expensive item that you have been wanting. There are so many cute purses, shoes and clothing items on the market that are more pricey but are also entirely worth it. This is the time to scroll through your saved items on Instagram or finally purchase the items that have been in your shopping cart for months. 

For foodies

To all of the food lovers out there, this is your time to shine. Whether you want to stay home or go out, a great way to celebrate yourself is to eat some good food. If you enjoy cooking, make your favorite meal or try out a new recipe. Have fun with it by putting on some music and popping open a bottle of wine. 

Cooking isn’t everyone’s strongest suit, and if that’s the case, order some delivery from any restaurant of your choice. Whether it’s your comfort food or a new place you’ve had your eye on, you can create the same ambiance as eating a home-cooked meal. Lastly, you can’t forget dessert. Stock up on your favorite chocolate and other sweets, and cozy up on the couch with your assortment. Besides, it isn’t Valentine’s Day without candy. 

For comfort

You can’t do a majority of these things without being bundled up in some soft pajamas and slippers. If you have a go-to pair, throw those on and go about your V-day, or treat yourself to a new pajama set, robe and some slippers. This two-piece set from Amazon is so cute that you could even leave the house with it on and not look like you rolled out of bed. As for slippers, the obvious choice is some smiley face slippers. They are extremely comfortable and very trendy. 

You can never go wrong with a new robe, either fleece or silk, depending on your preference. And since it’s Valentine’s Day, you might as well throw in an eye mask for good measure. You’ll be resting very well with your new sleep wardrobe.


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