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One of the more well-known webtoons, True Beauty, focuses on the topics of beauty standards, social media and romance. Photo provided by via Webtoons.

Here are 6 webtoons to add to your reading list

Originating from South Korea, webtoons are digital comics that are meant to be read online on computers or phones. The platform allows for artists around the world to be able to publish their stories, and many of the comics eventually grow to have TV shows and movie adaptations. Genres can range anywhere from romance to horror, and webtoons have both completed and ongoing stories that are continuously updated.

Not sure where to start in the thousands of comics? Here are 6 webtoons to add to your reading list:

The Remarried Empress

A story filled with romance, fantasy and drama, The Remarried Empress is a tale about Empress Navier and her eventual divorce from her husband, Emperor Sovieshu, as well as her request for remarriage. Though you may think that’s a major spoiler, the whole webtoon focuses on that major event and is upfront about it from the very beginning. Starting with the divorce in the first chapter, readers are taken back in time to experience just exactly what occurred.

The webtoon takes the readers on a slow burn trip that doesn’t allow anyone to forget what is to come in the future for the characters. The first season has 85 episodes and three bonus chapters. The second season is still ongoing with 100 episodes as of now.

Yumi’s Cells

A feel-good, slice-of-life-comic, Yumi’s Cells is a webtoon for those that would prefer a read that doesn’t follow a strict storyline. Somewhat similar to the Disney movie, Inside Out, the plot follows office worker Yumi and her brain cells, as they control her thoughts, feelings and actions. 

The story is also completed with 32 episodes and has been made into a live-action TV show as well. The series has 14 episodes in its season one and can be watched on Viki.

True Beauty

One of the more well-known webtoons, True Beauty focuses on the topics of beauty standards, social media and romance. The story follows Im Jookyung as she lives a double life as one of the most attractive girls at school because of the makeup she wears, but she’s afraid people will find out about her true appearance. The comic is currently updating with 188 episodes so far, and there is also a TV show based on it too.

Also found on Viki, there are 16 episodes in the first season. Even though there is no confirmation about season two, fans of both the Kdrama and webtoon are hopeful for one as the story is continuously updated.


Similar to True Beauty, Lookism also deals with the topic of beauty standards and how society values one’s attractiveness. However, Lookism takes a more magical realism approach as the main character, Daniel Park, wakes up one day in a new body and experiences a different treatment due to his more conventional appearance. The webtoon is ongoing with 378 episodes.

Save Me

Inspired by the plot of K-Pop boy group BTS’s music video plotline and lore, Save Me visualizes the story from a new artistic angle. The comic centers around seven boys and how their lives intertwine during the ups and downs of their youth. The genres are mainly science fiction and fantasy with hints of melodrama as well.

There are also parallels to the group’s music videos such as, “Save ME,” “I NEED U” and “RUN.” The webtoon has 15 episodes total and is completed.

Sweet Home

The comic that inspired the Netflix Original Series of the same name, Sweet Home is a post-apocalyptic action and horror fiction thriller. The plot consists of high schooler Cha Hyunsoo trying to survive a monster invasion along with other people that live in his apartment complex, as the creatures attempt to wipe out humanity. The series is fully completed with 140 episodes and the show is available to watch on Netflix.


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