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How to stay relaxed during finals week

Finals week is here once again, and it’s by far the most stressful time of the semester. On top of countless papers and exams, some of us are also packing up to move home and getting ready to leave our friends for the summer. Being on top of your schoolwork is the most important thing, but relaxing and staying calm is necessary to do so. Here are some tips to help you stay relaxed during finals week:

Get some exercise in

Exercise is always important. Plus, it can help you clear your mind and de-stress. Take your mind off school, and do some yoga at Ping or take a long walk around campus. It’ll make you feel so much calmer and energized that you’ll be ready to ace your exams. 

Take a nap

Getting enough sleep is a necessity for finals week. You should at least get seven to eight hours a night if you want to be your most productive self the next day. If you were up late studying, couldn’t fall asleep the night before or just want a break, you should take a nap during the day and rest before getting back to work. 

Reward yourself

After all the hard work you’ve put in, you deserve a treat. Promise yourself a coffee from Donkey or dinner from Mr. Hibachi after you study for a certain amount of time or complete an exam. You’ll feel more motivated to do so, and you’ll have something to look forward to.

Stay organized

Staying organized is so important, especially when it comes to finals week. Try doing your work chronologically by due date, and make sure to have all your exams and assignments written out in your planner. This will help you stay on top of your work and procrastinate less.

Keep a positive mindset

Remaining positive in times of stress is so helpful to stay calm. Constantly remind yourself that you’re so smart, hardworking and prepared that you’re going to ace all of your finals. You’ll be so much more confident and motivated.

Watch a comforting TV show or movie

Of course, finals should be your main focus, but you can’t study 24/7. Take your mind off things, and de-stress with a TV show or movie that comforts you or makes you laugh. Your brain deserves a break. You’ll also feel relaxed and ready to work again after.

Study with your friends

No one really enjoys studying, but it is necessary, so grab your friends and do it with them. Form a study group with some of your classmates or go to Alden with friends you won’t see until Fall Semester. This will make studying more laid-back and fun for you.

Take short breaks when studying

Taking breaks in between studying or assignments is so important to help you focus and stay calm. Your brain can only focus for a short amount of time, so when you start to get distracted and lose motivation, take a break. Grab a snack or get some fresh air to help bring your mind back on track.


Meditation is the ultimate stress reliever: it helps you clear your mind and reduce negative feelings. Follow a guided meditation on YouTube or listen to meditation music and just relax. You’ll be much calmer and worry-free afterward. 

Focus on the good

Don’t forget to remind yourself that after all of your assignments and exams are complete, it’s finally summer. Soon, you’ll have a break from schoolwork for nearly four months and plenty of time to do as you please. Keep hanging on Bobcats, we’re almost there. 


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