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Season 1-4 of ‘Big Time Rush’ were added to Netflix on March 26, 2020. (Photo provided via @bigtimerush on Instagram)

Top 10 ‘Big Time Rush’ episodes, ranked

Big Time Rush is a musical comedy sitcom airing on Nickelodeon. The show ran for four seasons from 2009 to 2013. The show follows a group of four best friends from Minnesota on their journey to fame as they debut as a boy band group in Los Angeles. While not recording music, the boys tend to get into some pretty sticky situations with their friends and music producer, Gustavo Rocque (Stephen Kramer Glickman). 

In celebration of Big Time Rush being put on Netflix, here are the 10 best episodes, ranked:

10. “Big Time Sneakers”

James (James Maslow) and Logan (Logan Henderson) attempt to buy and resell sneakers but get into a little trouble keeping them in perfect condition before reselling. Jo (Katelyn Tarver) and Kendall (Kendall Schmidt) attempt dating in disguise due to Jo’s publicist insisting the press wants to see her dating her co-star, Jett (David Cade). Meanwhile, Carlos (Carlos PenaVega) and Kendall’s sister, Katie (Ciara Bravo), parody Robin Hood when the fruit snacks at the Palm Woods are raised to absurd prices. 

“Big Time Sneakers” earns a spot in the top 10 because of its hilarious hijinks and the comedic duo of Katie and Carlos. 

9. “Big Time Audition”

“Big Time Audition” starts by showing the everyday life of Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan. The episode gives viewers a glimpse of the hockey players from Minnesota before becoming a singing group by establishing themselves and their roles in their friend group: Kendall as the witty leader, James as the pretty one, Carlos as the goofy, chipper one and Logan as the smart and reasonable one. 

After finding out music producer Gustavo Rocque is coming to Minnesota to look for new talent, the boys help James get to the audition while getting roped into auditioning themselves. To James’ chagrin, Gustavo is only impressed with Kendall. After some persuading and quick-witted remarks, Kendall makes a deal with Gustavo to take him and his friends to create a singing group. The boys, with Kendall’s mom and sister accompanying them, move to L.A. After lots of trial and error, the boys begin their long road to stardom.  

Just like every superhero, every boy band needs its origin story. Being the first episode in the series, “Big Time Audition” does a great job setting the stage for an amazing four seasons. 

8. “Big Time Pranks”

The boys partake in their annual prank war tradition they have been doing since middle school. When words get misinterpreted, it turns into a prank war between the boys and the girls at the Palm Woods. Logan pranked himself out of the competition and ended up spending the day with Dr. Hollywood helping various teens with their prank-related injuries. Meanwhile, Gustavo and his assistant, Kelly (Tanya Chisholm), get into a prank war of their own at the studio. 

Another classic in the series, “Big Time Pranks” is a great example of the show’s cheeky comedy and hilarious misadventures. The friendly and at times not-so-friendly prank war makes for some hilarious moments that set up the show for a second prank war episode in season four. 

7. Big Time Crush

Every teen at the Palm Woods is buzzing about a new movie called Kiss and Tell, which had been named “the hottest make-out movie of the year.” Kendall and Jo promise Carlos they’ll go on a double date with him, once they can actually find him a date. After the innocent mission to find him a date turns wrong, both Kendall and Carlos are left for the night to watch the movie by themselves. 

Meanwhile, James helps set Katie up with a local boy from the Palm Woods. After hearing the two plan to go to the new steamy movie of the evening, James becomes very overprotective. After not paying attention to his own date because he is worrying about Katie, James also ends up by himself for the evening. Lastly, Logan struggles with his feelings for the new girl in town, while still having feelings for his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Camille (Erin Sanders). Logan was honest with his date about how he was feeling and decided to go after Camille, just as her date for the night showed up, leaving Logan also dateless for the movie. 

The various storylines in “Big Time Crush” all ending with the boys alone at the movies makes for a comical, yet fitting, end to the episode that was focused all on finding dates to the movie. Also, seeing James act as a protective older brother figure to Katie led to a heartwarming ending between the two. 

6. “Big Time Mansion”

Gustavo rewards the boys for their hard work over the past few months by letting them stay in his mansion while he is out of town. However, Gustavo has some rules the boys must follow if they want to mansion-sit. The boys, being who they are, could not contain themselves and broke every single rule he gave them. Meanwhile, Mrs. Knight was feeling lonely and less needed since her oldest son, Kendall, had been growing up. Katie, seeing Mrs. Knight feeling this way, pretends to be sick so she would have someone to take care of. 

“Big Time Mansion” is a great pick-me-up episode when you’re needing something light-hearted and nostalgic to watch. The boys’ misadventures in Gustavo’s mansion will make you laugh every time. 

5. “Big Time Strike”

Big Time Rush becomes fed up with some of Gustavo’s outlandish and cruel management characteristics, so they decide to strike. The boys spend the day making picket signs, creating a list of demands from Gustavo and scheming about how to get Gustavo to give into their wishes. In the meantime, Mrs. Knight goes on a strike of her own from being a mom when Katie claims being a mother and all of the work that comes with it is not so hard. 

“Big Time Strike” is an episode with a lot of funny one-liners and witty comebacks. This episode makes the top 10 for its creative and humorous storyline. The episode also introduces “Superstar” to its fans.

4. “Welcome Back Big Time”

The episode begins with a montage of the boys during their tour over the past year. When returning to the Palm Woods after being away, they are in for a rude awakening. Kendall stresses about Jo having to kiss her co-star on screen for her TV show. Logan spends the day doing all of the boys’ homework so they are able to perform at a local music festival. Carlos and James work on getting back their “credibility” at the Palm Woods when the new kids arrive and don’t know who they are. 

“Welcome Back Big Time” is a great way to kick off season two, with the same level of humor as season one. Not to mention, there’s the debut of the hit Big Time Rush song ”‘Til I Forget About You” at the end of the episode.

3. “Big Time Terror”

Gustavo’s mansion flooded, so the boys offered for him to stay in their apartment with them until things are fixed at his place. The boys come to find out Gustavo isn’t the most desirable roommate. Kendall and James are determined to get Gustavo to move back home without hurting his feelings. Meanwhile, everyone at the Palm Woods is on edge because of the alleged “Palm Woods Ghost.” Carlos takes it upon himself to prove the ghost is real by purchasing a ghost camera and camps out in the lobby. Logan accompanies Carlos because he doesn’t believe the ghost is real. 

Seeing the boys team up to achieve a common goal happens a lot in the series, but this episode is one of the funniest and most entertaining of these instances, making this episode No. 3 on the list. ”Big Time Terror” also includes an unreleased track, “Shot in the Dark.”

2. “Big Time Break Up” 

The episode focuses on what will happen to Kendall and Jo’s relationship when Jo gets offered a movie deal in New Zealand. Logan and Kelly are determined to convince Carlos to get rid of his hockey helmet. James dates one of Gustavo’s other recording stars, Selana, even though she is only in town recording for three days. Kendall decides to try to get Jo to break up with him, so it would make it easier for her to leave and take the movie deal. After failing, Kendall still convinces her to take the movie role. After a heartbreaking goodbye at the Palm Woods, the gang rushes to the airport because Kendall forgot to give Jo their traditional “goodbye kiss.”

Even with a sad plot and even sadder ending, the episode is still one of the best because of Katelyn Tarver and Kendall Schmidt’s acting. Fans also are introduced to the band's hit song “Worldwide.”

1. “Green Time Rush”

The episode centers around the Palm Woods School assignment on how to make the Palm Woods greener. Logan is paired with the class bully, who terrifies him. Carlos and James are project partners and decide having a cow in every room of the building will cut down on electricity and emissions by not having to go to the store as often for dairy. To Kendall’s disappointment, he is paired by default with his enemy/Jo’s co-star, Jett Stetson. 

Meanwhile, for Katie’s Earth Day project, she must go to a company and suggest ways for it to be greener. Katie decides to go to Rocque Records, where she suggests to Gustavo they should not be using foam cups in the studio. She later finds out they are a product of the company who owns the studio, so they cannot get rid of them. After agreeing with Katie, Kelly and Gustavo team up with her to try to eradicate foam cups from the studio. 

To finish up the list, “Green Time Rush” has to be the best episode of Big Time Rush. Seeing Carlos and James chase a cow throughout the Palm Woods while their building manager is running mad trying to catch them is good for a laugh every watch. Also, any episode with Katie in the same plotline as Kelly and Gustavo is a guaranteed good episode because of their opposing ages and personalities. 


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