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365 Days: This Day is now streaming on Netflix. (Photo provided by @365daysthisday via Instagram).

‘365 Days: This Day’ is another failed Netflix cash grab

Netflix released yet another sequel that nobody asked for with their extremely problematic Fifty Shades of Grey clone, 365 Days: This Day. To say expectations were high would be an understatement, but low expectations were definitely met. Netflix made quite the payoff as the first installment grew popular after its release in 2020; it intrigued viewers with its problematic plot and sexual antics. In an attempt to gain back a loss in revenue, Netflix will continue to sell sex to its viewers with this intense, erotic thriller sequel. 

Based on a Polish book series of the same name, the film follows the toxic and sexual relationship between a mob boss, Michele Morrone, and the woman that he kidnapped, Anna-Maria Sieklucka. This next installment seems to forget the absurdity of the first, as they push past the ending cliffhanger and proceed to get happily married at the beginning of this new release. As the sequel dives more into this senseless relationship, the absurdity does continue in various forms. 

It’s tough to get past the first half-hour of this film, mostly because there is no plot, just very intimate love scenes. Once a plot is finally established, it makes up 10% of the film while sex takes up the other 90%. On par, the plot doesn’t make sense nor is it original, taking heavy inspiration from soap operas as secret twin brothers and cheating scandals are instituted. 

Seemingly, the plot doesn’t seem to matter when most of the film is just about sex. Whether or not a viewer enjoys the experience is based on their tolerance of sex scenes. This movie is fit for those who adore the Fifty Shades of Grey lore or those who love to make fun of the Fifty Shades of Grey lore.

And just like its inspiration this series follows the dangerous trend of glorifying abusive and controlling relationships. After the initial release, the series gained a lot of backlash; a petition was created for the first film to be taken off the streaming service. However reluctantly, the film still stands, cashing out on its controversy. 

It is seemingly incomprehensible to sympathize with these characters and their brainless, laughable decisions. Perhaps if the series were to pivot to a more horror approach instead of romanticizing this kind of relationship, it would be more successful and less harmful. 

The film ends on yet another cliffhanger, but the third installment will likely ignore this one too. There is clearly no direction in these films, which is partially expected, given that they aren’t being taken very seriously. All in all, it’s extremely despairing that these films are capitalizing on an unrealistic and harmful relationship to a wide audience. 

With barely little dialogue, an extremely long soundtrack and countless sex scenes, getting through the entire movie is a daunting task. Those who adore these fantasy romance tropes are free to enjoy the movie for what it is, but pass a small selected audience, this movie is not enjoyable. It will become yet another Netflix flop, giving audiences the ample decision to criticize Netflix more.  

Hate-watching this installment is sensible, but watching the sequel even to mock it is extremely hard. The sequel generates an array of emotions in each viewer, with most of those emotions being pain. Those who can get through this groggy film are definitely brave. 

With Netflix subscriptions dropping immensely in recent months, releasing this film was a horrible attempt to gain the company more revenue. With a third film in sight, there is likely no redemption for this problematic series. Plus, with both movies gaining a score of 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, it goes to show that the process of Netflix trying to sell sex to improve their service is not working.


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