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Here’s 6 ways to keep your long-distance relationship alive this summer

Summer break brings great times, but for those who formed meaningful relationships while at school, it brings separation from their special someone. Although you might be separated by miles, or maybe even by states, it’s not impossible to keep your long-distance relationship alive. Here are 6 ideas to keep the romance simmering despite the distance:

Have a virtual movie night

Thanks to the advancements in today’s technology, having a movie night with your partner who lives far away shouldn’t be a problem. With streaming sharing services such as Teleparty or Kast, you can now watch and share a screen via a variety of streaming services. Some apps even allow you to send messages to each other as you watch.

Book club

If you and your partner both enjoy a good book, start a book club together. Agree on a novel and make plans for how much you plan on reading each week. Plan on video chatting once a week to discuss what you’ve read and your thoughts. Take turns choosing the book that you read so that way you each get a sample of what the other person enjoys.

Make a playlist

Whether you use Spotify or Apple Music, both services offer a way to create a collaborative playlist. Consider creating one with your significant other and adding music you both like. Next time you’re missing them, play this playlist to remind yourself that they’re still in your life.

Send care packages

Nothing screams “I care about you” or “I miss you” like a well-thought-out care package. Gather together items, snacks and tokens that you know your significant other will appreciate. Consider giving them something personal of yours as well. Write a little note and send the care package on its way.

Go on a video chat date

It’s key to stay in touch with your long-distance love, especially if you’re separated by time zones. A perfect long-distance trick is to have a video chat date. Plan a time that works for both of you and plan to eat together over video chat. Consider takeout or cooking together, virtually. This gives you both the opportunity to enjoy a meal together, and talk about each other’s days. You could even plan on playing some type of game over video chat as well.

Plan a road trip

If you and your significant other have the means to, try to come up with a fun road trip to see each other. Find a location that is halfway between both of you to meet and do an activity together. If you have the time, try to find an Airbnb where you can stay and spend extra quality time together before you return to school in the fall.


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