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In 2016, The Wrecks' first single “Favorite Liar” was a *Top 40 Alternative Radio hit and since then, has earned over *1,185,000 monthly Spotify listeners and 219 million total Spotify streams (Photo provided by @WeAreTheWrecks via Twitter).

Artist Q&A: Nick Anderson from The Wrecks reflects on new album, tour

If you’re looking for new music, The Wrecks may just be the equivalent of hitting the jackpot. On June 10, the alternative group released their sophomore album Sonder, and are hitting the road to perform after three years of waiting.

Comprised of vocalist and guitarist Nick Anderson, bassist Aaron Kelley, guitarist Nick Schmidt and drummer Billy Nally, the group has been around since 2015, opening for major bands such as All Time Low and The Struts.

In 2016, their first single “Favorite Liar” was a Top 40 Alternative Radio hit and since then, has earned over 1,185,000 monthly Spotify listeners and 219 million total Spotify streams. 

As their newest album continues to receive high praise from fans and critics alike, I spoke with Nick Anderson on Sonder, the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the band and what going back on tour has felt like after three years.

The Post: You recently dropped your latest album, Sonder, last Friday. How is this release different from your last?

Anderson: “I think the reaction has been much broader to this release. We're seeing people even more excited than we could have imagined. It's reaching a lot more people than the last release. I'm more enthusiastic of the reaction that we've ever experienced.”

TP: With the COVID-19 pandemic taking over much of the last two years, what was the process of making this album?

Anderson: “I mean, it's funny we put out our first album out of the ordinary in May of 2020, so that was also in the midst of the pandemic. The reason it's (Sonder) mainly different is because I was certainly in isolation for this record, even from some of the other guys in the band, so it was a lonelier process and it was more of trusting my own gut, trusting my instincts in terms of shutting out a lot of outside noise and buckling down with the record. It was definitely challenging but also a cathartic experience making this record.”

TP: In the past, you’ve been able to tour with artists such as All Time Low and The Struts, how has performing alongside these artists inspired you as musicians?

Anderson: “We did learn a lot as an opening band, and we've always prided ourselves on being a good support act. We like coming out to a crowd that doesn't know us and has never heard of our band and leaving with a new group of fans from new cities. We are watching that happen with this tour. We just did a tour in the fall for The Driver Era. We're seeing a lot of fans on this headline tour that just started saying, ‘Hey, I just saw you for the first time ever at The Driver Era show,’ which is crazy (that we’re) still growing from support tours.”

TP: The band is currently on tour! How does it feel being able to perform after so long?

Anderson: “Three and a half years ago was our first US headlining tour. It’s definitely been really exciting, and it's fun to jump back in the mix of things. It doesn’t feel like it's been as long as it has been, but it feels good to pick right back up and jump back into the swing of things and see fans, play in rooms that we haven’t played in forever.”

TP: Lastly, all musicians seem to have goals they aspire for as they continue to grow, so what are your goals as a band beyond this album?

Anderson: “I think we're going to see maybe releasing a deluxe version of Sonder. I don't know. I guess I'm just excited to put out music and be able to get on the road again and see the record take shape. Seeing the growth.”


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