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iOS 16 is a big new update, filled to the brim with great new features (Photo provided by Apple).

Everything you need to know about Apple’s iOS 16 update

On Sept. 12, Apple released its new iOS 16 update, which made some big (and small) changes to everyone's iPhone. Here's everything you should know before you update.

Lock Screen

Probably the biggest part of this update is introducing a new customized lock screen. 

Now, you can change just about everything from the wallpaper to the font. You can also add widgets, which are small images of information available at a glance, such as the weather, upcoming calendar events or your phone's battery percentage, to your lock screen as well.

Along with all of this, Apple introduced a new way to integrate your wallpaper into your home screen. When you pick a photo, the time of day can seamlessly become part of your photo, making for a very satisfying layered look.

You can create and save as many lock screens as you want, and swap between them with ease. Just hold down on your lock screen to open the customization window. 

Focus modes

Apple now also allows you to link your new lock screens to specific focus modes. You can now create a lock screen for work, sleep, driving and more. When you turn on the focus mode, your lock screen will change to whichever one you've attached to that mode. For example, if you want to create a lock screen for work that displays upcoming meetings, reminders and any upcoming alarms, you're able to link them through the customization menu for your lock screens.

You may notice that your notifications are now in a new spot. Now, notifications scroll in from the bottom rather than appearing below the time. This allows for easier reachability for notifications, along with moving them out of the way of your beautiful new lock screens! If you're not a fan of the way notifications look, you can change the way they appear in the notification tab of the settings app. We also see the now playing tab move to the bottom as well. While listening to music, you can tap the album cover and expand it into a full-screen view of the album art.

iMessage deletions

Big changes came to iMessage with this update! Now, you can edit or delete a message within 15 minutes of sending it. Let's say you wanted to meet with a friend for lunch at 1:30 p.m., but you accidentally typed 11:30 p.m. Now, rather than sending a new text to amend the typo, you can just hold down on the text, press edit, and change the message to the right time. Or, if you meant to invite your other friend instead and accidentally texted the wrong person, you can hold down and delete the message, and they'll never know! You can also mark messages as unread for all those times you want to respond but can't at the moment.

Along with these bigger updates, there are plenty of small changes too. 

Additional stops to maps

Maps received a small update, allowing you to add gas and bathroom break stops or make a series of stops for errands.

Fitness app

All iPhones now have the fitness app which can be used to track and meet your goals, even if you don't have an Apple watch! 

Face ID in landscape mode

Face ID also now works in landscape mode, meaning that your phone will be able to unlock when it's turned sideways. 

Unsend emails 

The mail app also saw a few small updates, like an un-send feature and the ability to schedule an email to go out at a specific time. 

Apple Pay increments 

Apple also introduced Apple Pay Later, a system that can be linked to your Apple Wallet, and will allow you to break a payment up into four parts spanning six weeks with no interest or fees.

Apple never fails to introduce an abundance of new features in their updates, and iOS 16 is no exception. The update is available now and is a great new addition to any iPhone. From new customization to deleting texts, iOS 16 is a big new update, filled to the brim with great new features. 


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