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From the Editor’s Desk: Investigative team makes its 'Post' debut

The Post has introduced its newest editorial section, the Investigative Team.

Working as a subset under the Projects section, the Investigative Team addresses the biggest stories in the Athens community and behind closed doors. 

I joined The Post last fall, writing extensively for the News, Culture and Sports sections. After my first semester, I realized that many stories I produced could have been greatly improved with more time for intensive research.

Though the Projects section offers a place for stories to come to life, it specializes in human interest stories rather than hard-hitting news. 

When the decision was made last May to introduce an investigative editor to the Projects section, I immediately applied for the position. It was an opportunity to provide an environment for writers to create hard-hitting content on a realistic timeline.

Thus, the Investigative Team was born.

By adopting the same long-form storytelling methods that the Projects section utilizes, the team will take on comprehensive stories with an emphasis on their timeliness and intensive news angles. We are dedicated to producing content that goes above and beyond in its research, interviews and writing. We take these precautions to ensure that our information is compelling, illuminating and 100% accurate.

Investigative journalism is often considered controversial and invasive. Though the Investigative Team will not shy away from in-depth stories at the risk of potential backlash, our goal will never be to target or antagonize parties involved in an article. Rather, we strive to uncover narratives that provide a voice for those without a platform.

In the same vein, Investigative reporting primarily covers one side of a story is incomplete. Balanced interviewing, sourcing and writing are cornerstones of the Investigative Team's journalistic process. Ensuring that each source has the opportunity to comment on the relevant subjects of a story is crucial to keeping our final products as all-encompassing and transparent as possible.

True investigative reporting requires research that the general public does not have the means to conduct. Our team's content serves as an avenue of information that would otherwise go unseen and unheard.

This week, the Investigative Team makes its debut with a piece from Senior Writer Isabel Nissley covering Athens parking law and enforcement. The story is a prime example of investigating under a microscope and not leaving any details uncovered. As the year continues, we look forward to putting out countless more stories of the same investigative caliber and journalistic standard.

Finally, we call on all Ohio University students and Athens community members to let us know their accounts of any topics that require more in-depth coverage. Our team values feedback and is eager to begin more investigations that Athen's residents care about and have a stake in.

Alex Imwalle is a sophomore studying journalism at Ohio University. Interested in chatting more? Email him at and find him on Twitter at @AlexImwalle.

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