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What your favorite energy drink says about you

Energy drinks of all kinds are a staple for many college students. Whether you stayed up way too late studying or you’re about to go work out, there are many reasons why a college student might need that little boost to make it through the day. There are lots of energy drinks out on the market right now, and the one that you choose can say a lot about your personality and the reasons that you might need to use them. Here is what your favorite energy drink says about you:


RedBull is an absolute classic. This energy drink has been around since the college days of our parents, and they were probably using it for cram study sessions too, even though they have definitely yelled at us about how bad they are for you. If you are drinking a RedBull, you are most definitely fighting sleep in the middle of the day or late at night in order to study. You also have little-to-no shame about the fact that you’re drinking an energy drink. If you’re drinking one of the specialty flavored ones, you probably just genuinely like the taste and are way less worried about the caffeine effects. 


If you drink Monster, you only drink Monster. You have never tried any other energy drink, except maybe a Bang one time when they got super popular on TikTok. You have one favorite flavor and have incredibly strong opinions about which flavors are good and which are bad. You probably also drink multiple in a day because your caffeine tolerance is so high, and you most likely started drinking them in your early high school years. You most definitely went through an emo phase when you were around 13 years old or you might have also tried to learn how to skateboard. 

Alani Nu

You are most likely a sorority girl or you religiously follow the “clean girl” aesthetic guidelines. You don’t want your energy drink to actually taste or look like it's an energy drink, so you choose these for the cute packaging and different flavors. You also have very strong opinions about which flavors are the best. You most definitely carry these to the gym or class while wearing a matching Lululemon set, and you really are only drinking it to give you an extra boost to make it through the day, even though they are packed full of caffeine.


If you drink Celsius you most definitely played a sport for all four years of high school, and you do not play a sport in college since these are banned by the NCAA. You love working out and have never missed a GymShark sale. You are also an avid midterm-season energy drink user and have fully convinced yourself you were having a heart attack after consuming more than one of these in a day. If you had never drank an energy drink before, this was definitely the first one you ever tried because your friends told you to and now you accidentally got yourself hooked. 


You probably had a account when you were younger if you drink Bang. You definitely have stayed up all night playing "Fortnite" or "Call of Duty" at least once. You probably started drinking these because of their TikTok fame and then proceeded to tell everyone you know how great they were, even though you were not getting paid to endorse them. There is a solid chance that you are in a fraternity and really appreciate the fact that these have “super creatine” in them for the gym gain benefits. 

Yerba Mate

You are also a part of the “not wanting my energy drink to actually look or taste like an energy drink” camp if you choose Yerba Mates as your caffeine fix. You probably adhere to the granola aesthetic and love listening to Caamp and Mt. Joy. Your closet is easily full of various wildly patterned maxi skirts, and you never leave the house without at least seven different rings on. If you didn’t start drinking these on your own, you probably saw someone drinking one and thought they had a cool vibe, so now you drink them too in an effort to match that vibe.


Emma Erion

Managing Editor

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