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5 ways to keep yourself motivated to work out towards the end of the semester

As fall semester comes to a close, it’s normal to feel run down and unmotivated, especially if you’re someone who seems to have little down time. For many college students, going to the gym is part of their routine, but can cause stress when it starts to become a box to check off your to-do list.

With this stress comes a lack of energy, causing you to question whether you really need to take the dreadful walk all the way to Ping. Yet, this time of year is crucial to practice self-care, and physical activity can definitely help prevent burn out or a breakdown.

Here are five ways to keep yourself motivated to work out as the semester nears its end:

Switch up your regular gym routine

Your lack of energy may be due to the set routine you already have at the gym, so try switching things up. Instead of forcing yourself to run on the treadmill or lift weights, try power walking on an incline or cycling. You could also try to take a workout class at Ping instead or working out for a shorter amount of time to avoid feeling too tired. Overall, a little change to your routine won’t hurt you, and your energy will increase by doing so.

Take rest days

Sometimes, you simply need to take a day off from working out, even if you tend to force yourself to go most days of the week. When your legs and arms are tired and your body is sore all over, that’s a clear sign you need a break. On your day off, catch up on some sleep and practice other forms of self-care such as taking a hot shower or trying a new skin care routine. By taking a break, you’ll allow your body to rest and recharge, which will aid you the next time you choose to hit the gym.

Find new music to listen to

If you’re someone who needs music to be able to get through a workout, it’s crucial to find new music that won’t cause you to feel bored while working out. Before you plan your trip to the gym, scroll through whatever streaming service you use to find some new songs, preferably ones that are upbeat and inspirational. By adding new music into your routine, it’ll help keep you motivated to finish that last stretch of running on the track or final set of arm exercises.

Carve out time for sleep

As finals are right around the corner, many students are probably losing sleep, but this can cause serious burnout to happen, and most likely will result in less motivation to get up and move around. With this in mind, it’s important to limit the nights you stay up late, as your rest is more important. Put your phone away or do not disturb, and try falling asleep before the clock strikes midnight. Overall, the more sleep you get, the more motivated you’ll feel and the more trips to the gym you’ll want to take. 

Find a buddy to workout with

Asking a friend to workout with you is a great way to hold yourself accountable. Schedule out a time in both of your days that works to workout, and you can even plan the workouts you want to do together. Having a buddy is beneficial as you won’t feel as lonely working out, and you’ll have someone there to cheer you on through the hardest of exercises. Usually at Ping, there’s always people working out together, so you won’t be the only duo hitting the gym during the challenging end of the semester.


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