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The underground roundup: artists with under one million Spotify listeners

Spotify is inundated with big artists. While there’s nothing wrong with these big artists, sometimes you want something fresh and something new. Or, maybe you just want to proudly gate keep a band and tell people you listened to them before they were big. No matter the reason, we’ve compiled a list of artists with under one million Spotify listeners that you should be listening to: 

Crystal Casino Band

With just under 240,000 listeners on Spotify, Crystal Casino Band combines the nostalgia of grunge and 2010’s alt rock with an easygoing surf-rock vibe. Furthermore, their songs are incredibly relatable to their majority college-age audience, with songs like “Waste my Time,” addressing things like the prevalence of hookup culture. 

Also, songs like “Twenty-Something Socialist” addresses the sense of impending doom many people in the younger generations feel towards the world. Ultimately, the combination of nostalgic sounds and lyrics that hit a little too close to home make the Washington D.C. band a great addition to your playlist.

Best song: “Antlers”


Childhood friends Toma and Star come together to form Geowulf, a musical duo encapsulating easy-going summer vibes through music. Their style combines an upbeat, ocean-infused sound with a soft-rock undertone that can only be described as Fleetwood-Mac-esque, as seen in songs such as “Saltwater” and “Don’t Talk About You.” This combination creates an undeniably distinct summer vibe, perfect for warm sunny days or days where you just need a musical pick-me-up.

Best song: “Saltwater”

Mike Mains and the Branches

Mike Mains and the Branches can be described in only one word: infectious. I was able to see this band live at a music festival, and their energy was unmatched. Whether it’s a happy song such as “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” a sad song like “Where Love Dies” or a nostalgic song like “Briggs,” there’s an undeniable energy and passion in the music, creating an upbeat and hopeful sound.

Best song: “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”

Late Night Drive Home

Texas-based band Late Night Drive Home is relatively new to the scene, only beginning to make music in 2019. But, the band is quickly carving a niche for themselves in the indie-rock genre. Their style is alternative, with a grungy twist akin to the likes of The Strokes and Nirvana. However, they still retain a unique and distinct sound, one punctuated by heavy electric guitar at the forefront and distorted vocals singing in both English and Spanish as a driving force. Their music is also undeniably relatable, with songs like “Kill Me Sweet,” being about a toxic relationship you don’t want to leave and songs like “Stress Relief” being about the addiction you can feel to a person you’re infatuated with, creating a down-to-earth vibe for all those who have been in the complicated throes of love. 

Best song: “Stress Relief”


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