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Culture staff presents their Thanksgiving favorites

Favorite Thanksgiving food?

Caroline Kammerer: Mashed potatoes

Kailyn Pickett: Mashed potatoes

Christina Parker: Mashed potatoes 

Sydney Lehmann: rolls

Dori Gray: Baked mac ‘n cheese

Dylan Pohovey: Broccoli casserole 

Grace Koennecke: Stuffing

Pia Benthin: Sweet potato casserole

Alyssa Cruz: Cranberry sauce!!! 

Maggie Valentine: My grandpa’s sweet potatoes

Abby Jenkins: Cranberry sauce

McKenna Christy: Cornbread

Isabella Pedrera: Stuffing

Katie Millard: Mashed potatoes

Favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

Kammerer: Pumpkin pie

Pickett: Apple pie

Parker: Pumpkin pie

Lehmann: Pumpkin bars

Gray: whipped cream

Pohovey: Chocolate pie

Koennecke: I HATE pie, so definitely the ice cream and cookies my extended family brings.

Benthin: Pumpkin pie

Cruz: NOT pumpkin pie but pretty much anything else.

Valentine: Apple pie

Jenkins: Pumpkin roll

Christy: Pecan pie

Pedrera: Pumpkin pie

Millard: Apple pie

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions?

Kammerer: On the Saturday after Thanksgiving my entire family goes to Fountain Square in Cincinnati to ice skate and watch Santa repel down a building.

Pickett: I bake pies with my grandma the day before Thanksgiving.

Gray: I go Black Friday shopping.

Pohovey: I always watch the Lions lose on Thanksgiving.

Koennecke: Usually my family and I watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Cruz: We celebrate Christmas at Thanksgiving with my extended family.

Valentine: Every morning my dad makes cinnamon rolls and my family watches the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade together.

Jenkins: We all help set the table and always watch football after dinner.

Christy: I spend the day with my family. We get together and eat and talk about everything under the sun.

Pedrera: I cook with my family.

Millard: Kind of morbid, but my family always gets a stick of butter shaped like a turkey, and it's considered an honor to be the one to behead it. 

What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?

Kammerer: Being with my family and eating the delicious food everyone makes.

Pickett: The food.

Lehmann: Seeing my extended family in Cleveland.

Gray: The “break” (though i will still be working) and seeing my family.

Pohovey: Eating a lot of food.

Koennecke: Getting to see my siblings!! I’m a triplet, so it’s hard being apart from them and I love getting to catch up with them.

Benthin: Coming together over good food and practicing gratefulness and mindfulness.

Cruz: Spending time with my family and being together.

Valentine: Getting to see all my family bond over our love of food

Jenkins: I love seeing my family from out of town, it’s always so good to catch up with them and just share a really nice meal together. I love the togetherness feeling that Thanksgiving brings.

Christy: The variety of food.

Pedrera: Getting the whole family together and saying what we are thankful for

Millard: Getting to go home and spend time with my family.

What’s one fun thing you did over Thanksgiving break?

Kammerer: I went to North Carolina with my family to get our Christmas tree.

Pickett: I dogsat with my friend and the owners had an indoor pool.

Parker: I hung out with my friends. 

Lehmann: I loved night drives with music blaring with my friends from home.

Gray: I went to my grandparents’ house.

Pohovey: I played basketball with my friends from home

Koennecke: I watched the Ohio State v. Michigan game.

Benthin: I went on a solo vacation to Cleveland.

Cruz: I was finally able to see my cousins. 

Valentine: I had a “friendsgiving” with my best friends and we all made charcuterie boards. 

Jenkins: I went and saw a musical at my high school.

Christy: I crocheted scarves for my friends. 

Pedrera: I picked out a Christmas tree

Millard: I turned 21 and celebrated with my parents and sister.

Who in Culture went Black Friday shopping?

Culture thanksgiving Pie Chart.png
Created via, data gathered from a Google Form completed by Culture staff members

What are you most thankful for?

Kammerer: Having a good relationship with my family.

Pickett: My best friend, even though she lives in a different country.

Parker: I’m most thankful for my friends I made at Ohio University.

Lehmann: Everyone in my life. I have the most amazing family and friends. I am so thankful to have such a great support system and I never feel alone because of them. 

Gray: My family, cheesy but true.

Pohovey: My sisters. 

Koennecke: My family, friends and my boyfriend. They all are so selfless, kind and driven, and I love them all dearly.

Benthin: My study abroad experience at OU.

Cruz: I am so thankful to my family because they are always so supportive of my hopes and dreams!  Los quiero! 

Valentine: I am thankful for my family who put up with me every day. 

Jenkins: My boyfriend, my dog and my family. 

Christy: My friends and family who encourage me to just keep going.

Pedrera: My family and friends. 

Millard: My loved ones and the culture section.

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