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Mazzy & Mojave: A guide to listening to two of the greatest '90s bands

Many iconic bands and solo artists came to fruition in the 1990s. Possibly two of the greatest albums to have come from the decade include Mojave 3’s 1995 album "Ask Me Tomorrow" and Mazzy Star’s 1993 album "So Tonight That I Might See." These bands, more specifically these albums, could definitely classify as “different” or “quirky.” So, here’s a guide to which songs to listen to from each album so you can successfully rock out to some '90s gems in no time. 

“Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star

Coming off the band’s 1993 album, “Fade Into You” is quite possibly the band’s most famous piece. If you’re looking for a dreamy vibe, this song is for you. You might not be totally familiar with the band, but it’s likely you’d know the song if you heard it. This song has approximately 292,180,494 listens on Spotify and it wouldn’t be surprising to see that number rise in coming years.

“Love Songs on the Radio” By Mojave 3

“Love Songs on the Radio” is the first song off the band’s 1996 album, "Ask Me Tomorrow." This song is slow and dreamy and would really make a great first dance song at a wedding. This song makes references to angels, golden light, jewels, dreaming, and so much more. Talk about calming and ethereal. 

“Five String Serenade” by Mazzy Star

Definitely an acquired taste, it’s likely that “Five String Serenade” might put you to sleep. The tempo is slow and calm with not a lot of instruments playing other than a guitar and tambourine. This song makes references to rain and water which may very be a rhetorical choice in an attempt to give off a mellow, soft vibe. 

“Mercy” By Mojave 3

A little more of an upbeat song compared to the previous three, “Mercy” is the perfect Mojave 3 song to sing along to. Similar to “Love Songs on the Radio,” this song also makes references to golden light and love. Not to mention the harmony in this song is something else. While not one of the band’s better known songs, it’ll still get you dancing.

“She’s My Baby” By Mazzy Star

While the beginning of this song is a little bit of a jumpscare with a screeching mic and some pretty hardcore guitar playing, don’t let this scare you away. Lead singer Hope Sandoval’s soft and flowing voice makes this song all that much better. Sandoval’s unique vocals accompanied by the guitar gives off a pretty chill vibe.

“Sarah” By Mojave 3

This song, like the others on this list, is a slow one. The soft and slow tempo really allows you to think about the lyrics. The lead singer sings about a girl named – you guess it – Sarah, seemingly after a fight. Lyrics like, “I pictured you mad, and I pictured you cold, pictured you mean, and I pictured you bold, but I can’t hide, I’m hurting babe … Lay your love on me,” really help support this narrative. 

“Blue Light” By Mazzy Star

“Blue Light” starts out for the first 45 seconds being just instrumental. This song gives off ocean and beachy vibes with lyrics like “There’s a ship that sails by my window … Waves crashing by me … Crashing by me … Crashing by me.” This would be the perfect song to listen to on a late-night beach walk where the sun has already set and all you feel is the sand between your toes and the waves crashing at your ankles.

“After All” By Mojave 3

This song has a great message about light (which seems to be a prevalent theme with this album). The first line in the song is, “Show your light to the real world… Show your heart to the whole world.” This song is full of useful quotes to live by. Quite possibly the best lyric is, “Just find something to believe in, and hold it tight… hold it tight.” 

“I’ve Been Let Down” By Mazzy Star

Coming off the band’s 1996 album, "Among My Swan," Sandoval sings about, you guessed it, being let down. The harmonica in this song adds a unique touch surely leaving a lasting impression on the listener. 

“Pictures” By Mojave 3

This song gives more of an upbeat feel without losing the iconic Mojave 3 softness and mellowness. Though not one of the band’s most well-known songs, it doesn’t disappoint in giving the listener the perfect noise to listen to.

For a compiled playlist of all these songs and more, click here.


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