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(Tanner Pearson/Ohio Athletics)

Men's Basketball: Get to know DeVon Baker

Senior DeVon Baker transferred to Ohio ahead of this season after graduating from Tulane and previously playing at UNC-Asheville. Baker has played in 20 games for Ohio, 10 of which he started. 

Baker averages 6.8 points per game and has collected 16 steals so far this season. He has proven to be a strong option off the bench for the Bobcats since moving to his bench role. 

The Post caught up with Baker to get to know him more outside of basketball.

The Post: My first question for you is, are you a coffee or a tea drinker? 

Baker: I’d say tea. 

TP: What’s your favorite kind of tea? 

Baker: I love ginger tea. I put honey in it. 

TP: Do you have any spots in Athens you like to go to for tea? 

Baker: No, not really. I just get it from Kroger to be honest with you (laughs)

TP: (laughs) So you just make it at home? 

Baker: Yeah, I just make it at home. 

TP: OK. You’re from Dayton, right? 

Baker: Yes 

TP: What’s your favorite place in Dayton? 

Baker: For food or? 

TP: It can be anything!

Baker: Hmm in the city of Dayton… 

TP: It can be around there. 

Baker: I like going to the mall. I like shopping so I like going to the mall or I’ll go to Cincinnati a lot. I go to the outlets and stuff like that. 

BBall vs. Western Michigan 3_Legg
Number 22, Ohio senior DeVon Baker, shoots a basket during the game against Western Michigan on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2023.

TP: What are three stores you hit up when you go shopping? 

Baker: I’d say Nike, (Ralph Lauren) Polo and Adidas. 

TP: You said Polo, what would you say your street style is, like if you’re going to class?

Baker: Going to class I just wear sweats to be honest with you. I have everything be Nike or everything Adidas. 

TP: OK, but if you’re going out to dinner or something, what do you put on? 

Baker: I’m going to put on some jeans and maybe some stuff from Zara. I shop at Zara a lot. I’d put on some things like that. It just depends on the occasion and how we dress. 

TP: Do you have a favorite outfit of yours you wear? 

Baker: I switch it up a lot so I don’t really have a favorite. I would say I do like to dress up a lot. I like stepping out sometimes with jeans and stuff like that. Usually on the daily I just wear sweats and everything like that. But, I like dressing up, putting on jeans, and stuff like that. 


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