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Photo provided by Ohio Athletics and shot by Tanner Pearson. 

Men's Basketball: Get to know Jaylin Hunter

Jaylin Hunter has made an immediate impact since he joined the Bobcats. The junior has started in each game so far, and has helped the Bobcats’ scoring attack. 

Hunter showed Ohio what he was capable of in mid-November against Cleveland State. He dropped 17 points and dished out seven assists in Ohio’s 81-70 victory. Hunter later tallied the same number of points in December against Youngstown State, along with three steals. 

The Post recently caught up with Hunter to discuss his shoe game, the best eats in Athens and how he prefers his eggs to be cooked. 

TP: So, I saw this Tik Tok, and I believe it was you, Miles Brown and coach (Jeff) Boals, and he was pointing to you guys. He said that you have the best shoe game (between the two). Do you believe you have the best shoe game? 

Hunter: I probably don’t have the best. I gave away a lot of my shoes in the past, so I might have been the best, but now I’d give it to Miles for sure. 

TP: What’s your favorite pair of shoes you’ve got? 

Hunter: I like a lot of Yeezys, Dunks and Jordans. The common, usual stuff. 

TP: You’re walking to class, what shoe do you put on? 

Hunter: Either Yeezy slides or Crocs. The most comfortable thing I can find. 

TP: I have a pair of Crocs and they’re snakeskin. They’re so cute. 

Hunter: Aw yeah those are nice. 

TP: Do you put the little things on them? I don’t know what they’re called…

Hunter: Yeah, until they fall off! The little Jibbitz. They’ve all fallen off my Crocs. 

TP: What Jibbitz have you had? 

Hunter: Sports ones like basketballs. I think I had “J H” on there one time, but like I said, I lost all of them (laughs). I don’t have them anymore. 

TP: Yeah. Does anyone else on the team share your love of crocs? 

Hunter: I don’t think so. I see DJ (Dwight Wilson III) wearing lime green Crocs around the house a lot. That’s the only thing I’ve noticed. 

TP: So this is your first season with Ohio, so adjusting to Athens, what are some of the biggest changes you’ve had to make? 

Hunter: I would say the biggest one is that you better like what they’ve got here because there’s not a lot of places to eat (laughs). When I was at my old school, we had a lot of variety of places to eat because we were close to the water. I mean I like Chipotle, so I go there a lot and Texas Roadhouse, other places like that. 

TP: What do you get when you go to Texas Roadhouse? 

Hunter: Texas Roadhouse … Some kind of steak and a bunch of their bread (laughs), like a bunch of their bread. 

TP: Have you seen those videos where people go to Texas Roadhouse and all they’ll get is rolls? They’ll eat like 20 baskets of rolls and water then just leave.

Hunter: Yeah (laughs). I’ve gotten rolls, ordered it and left before, so I’m one of those people. 

TP: My roommate always asks for a to-go box of rolls. One time, they brought us like three boxes of rolls and I was like uh.. 

Hunter: It don’t matter, I love them (chuckles).   

TP: Have you been able to explore the surrounding towns at all like Nelsonville? 

Hunter: Not really, no. 

TP: OK, so what would you say your favorite spot in Athens is so far for like anything? 

Hunter: I’d say to eat, I like that place Salaam that’s not on Court Street but right off of Court Street I think, and then Ciro is pretty good as well. (I like) the chicken parmesan. 

TP: Do you eat a lot of Italian food? 

Hunter: A little bit. I would say so yeah. 

TP: Do you ever cook Italian at home? 

Hunter: No, I don’t cook anything at home (laughs). 

TP: You don’t cook anything at home? 

Hunter: No, maybe breakfast like some scrambled eggs or something. 

TP: …Do you know how to cook? 

Hunter: I know how to (laughs). I’m just tired when I get back from practice. 

TP: That’s fair. If you get home from practice and you have to cook, what is your “I’m tired but I’m hungry” meal? 

Hunter: Scrambled eggs (laughs). Just something breakfast related any time of day. 

TP: Do you put anything on your eggs? 

Hunter: Salt, pepper and shredded cheese. 

TP: OK, is scrambled your favorite way to eat eggs? 

Hunter: Yeah, it's the easiest way to make them (chuckles). 

TP: I used to get this thing and they made toast and would cut a hole in the middle, and then put a runny egg in it. 

Hunter: Yeah no, I don’t like the runny eggs. 

TP: No runny eggs? 

Hunter: Uh uh, that’s not me (laughs). 

TP: Alright, so what has been your favorite part about playing at Ohio so far? 

Hunter: The guys and coach (Jeff Boals). I think just having learned a different culture and a new way to lead and be a point guard for this system, it’s just been great for me and great for our team. I think we’re getting closer as a team every day and I think our best ball is ahead of us, so I’m excited. 


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