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Every Harry Styles song, ranked

Harry Styles has officially joined the long list of musical icons to have won the distinguished Grammy for “Album of the Year.” Although Styles was already making a name for himself with a solo career that nobody could have predicted from the ex-boy band heartthrob; winning this award just solidified his future as one of the greats. 

Over the course of his solo career, Styles has created a music portfolio with songs ranging across genres such as pop, folk, rock and alternative. If you can name it Harry has made it. With three studio albums, he has kept fans satisfied since his first hit single “Sign of the Times” in 2017. It’s pretty safe to say that Harry Styles is incapable of creating a “bad” song, and his recent win only further proves that. 

So with that, here is every single one of Harry Styles’ songs, ranked:

35. “Treat People with Kindness”

“Treat People with Kindness” is the eleventh track on Styles’ second studio album, “Fine Line.”  Fans were excited to hear a song from Styles that was based on his favorite slogan and personal mantra, but that's about where the excitement ends. The song itself is just mediocre -- a word seldom used to describe Harry’s work -- which is why his mediocre work starts and ends with this song. 

34. “Watermelon Sugar”

Earning him the 2021 Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance, “Watermelon Sugar,” was the lead single from Styles’ 2019 album, “Fine Line.” The song is stunning, and so is the music video. There’s simply just better out there. 

33. “From The Dining Table”

Off his self-titled debut album, called “Harry Styles,” “From The Dining Table” follows along with the unexpectedly melancholic theme of the entire album quite nicely. It’s a song about waking up in a hotel room drunk and alone. This was certainly not one One Direction fans were expecting from Harry following his boyband era, but this glimpse into what to expect from his solo career was certainly no letdown. 

32. “Sunflower Vol. 6”

 “Sunflower Vol. 6” is a good song of course; just is not super memorable.

31. “Boyfriends”

See above.

30. “Love Of My Life”

This track is a captivating ballad coming off his most recent album, “Harry’s House.” “Love Of My Life” was the sappy song all Harry fans were all asking for. The song perfectly showcases the strengths of his vocals and was the perfect way to round off the album. 

29. “Meet Me in the Hallway”

“Meet Me in the Hallway” was the first song from Styles’ debut, and it really set the tone for the rest of the album. The moodiness of this magnificent ballad gave Harry the opportunity to showcase his love for music. With a little bit of Pink Floyd-inspired guitar and a bit of Bowie in his vocals, “Meet Me In The Hallway” was a perfect way to launch a solo career. 

28. “Adore You”

“Adore You” is a song that came with the cutest of all music videos, and a top 10 hit immediately after it was dropped. Ultimately, “Adore You” was extremely well done. 

27. “Music For A Sushi Restaurant”

The opening song from his most recent album, “Music For A Sushi Restaurant,'' also came with an accompanying music video in which Styles portrays a half man half octopus maybe squid? Whatever it is, he looks and sounds incredible, as always.  

26. “Ever Since New York”

Coming as a complete shock to the die-hard One Direction fans out there, this gut-wrenching song about the feeling of losing himself in a New York hotel is presumably about the day he found out his step-father had cancer. The vibe followed the melancholic theme of the album previously mentioned, proving it to be a raw demonstration of emotion. It was new for both Harry and his fans, but the authenticity was worth the wait. 

25. “Golden”

The impressive album opener for “Fine Line” has a touch of the ‘70s, created perfectly for a drive with the windows down. Styles has stated that he always knew “Golden” was going to be the first song on the album. Great decision. 

24. “Woman”

“Woman” is a sexy and strong song much unlike the others on the first album. “Woman” is a winner.

23. “Cinema”

“Cinema” is a pop-funk masterpiece that totally encapsulates the energy that the third album brings to the table. 

22. “Canyon Moon”

Coming off of his second album, “Fine Line,” this is a song for a hippie's heart. “Canyon Moon” is a pleasant listen, beautifully written and perfectly delivered. 

21. “Only Angel”

This early solo song of Styles' gives him the right to refer to himself as a pop-rock musician. “Only Angel’s” use of loud background electric guitar makes for a wonderfully pleasant breath of fresh air from the drab (but beautiful) vibes that come with the first album. 

20. “Grapejuice”

This tune is an extremely easy listen with a soft tempo and simple vocals from Styles. “Grapejuice” fits in with “Harry’s House” like a glove. 

19. “Carolina”

Another Harry song that skims the definition of rock music, “Carolina” draws a lot of hate from fans for being a “stunt” song about a fake lover, but ultimately the vibe of the song warrants it a place in the top 20. 

18. “Daydreaming”

As it states in the title, this soul-pop masterpiece will have you “daydreaming” of Harry himself. 

17. “To Be So Lonely” 

There’s not a whole lot to be said about “To Be So Lonely” other than that Harry Styles’ lead guitarist Mitch Rowland who took this song and made it completely his own deserves some recognition. 

16. ‘Little Freak’ 

The hook, “I’m not worried about where you are or who you go home to, just thinking about you,” speaks for itself. 

15. “She”

In Rolling Stone’s ranking of Styles’ songs, writers/critics described “She”’ as a “deranged six-minute space-sex trip that feels like Prince jamming with Pink Floyd,” and that description couldn’t possibly be topped or worded any better. 

14. “Daylight”

One of the best examples of Harry and his team's writing talents, “Daylight” brings a plethora of metaphors and incredibly intelligent one-liners. 

13. “Late Night Talking”

“Late Night Talking” is simply unskippable with Styles’ confession about his overwhelming obsession for a lover being encapsulating. Rarely do fans get a glimpse into the love life of Harry Styles, but a new album always means updates on the state of Harry’s heart. 

12. “Sweet Creature’ 

One of his more stripped-down songs, “Sweet Creature” is a painfully stunning song about love and the power it holds. It is shockingly delicate while also holding a sense of despair that is difficult to explain. While of course, its ranking shows that better exists, this is without a doubt one of his most emotionally intelligent and definitely one of his best tracks.

11. “Falling”

Any Harry song that is special enough to Styles to warrant a music video, is one that deserves praise. “Falling” is a devastatingly accurate representation of the lows of heartbreak. Filled with references to moments of the past, and lyrics were written perfectly enough to summon a good cry, “Falling” is one of his more painful listens, proven by lyrics, “And I get the feeling that you’ll never need me again.” 

10. “As It Was”

 Used as the lead single for “Harry’s House,” “As It Was” was arguably the song of 2022. It held the No. 1 title on the US charts for 15 weeks straight, making “As It Was” the longest-running song by one single artist. Notably, this tune won Styles “Song of the Year” at the 2023 Brit Awards. 

9. “Two Ghosts”

Originally written for his former band One Direction, Styles ultimately decided to keep this one to himself because it was such a personal ballad. “Two Ghosts” is gorgeous and very much deserves its place in his top 10 songs. 

8. “Keep Driving” 

It’s short, sweet and so pleasant. Enough said. 

7. “Fine Line” 

The flawless last song off his second album is titled the same as the song. “Fine Line” showcases the range of Harry’s voice and once again the talent of his team. From the lyrics to the softness of the accompanying music “Fine Line” is one of his best, and the perfect way to end the second album. 

6. “Lights Up”

The most perfect fit for Fine Line, “Lights Up” is genius.

5. “Matilda”

“Matilda” is really just Harry’s vocals and the slightest bit of background music, which is extremely appropriate for the emotional weight that this song carries. A beautiful piece about childhood trauma and neglect proving that Harry writes songs to make people feel. It’s a breathtaking song, and much like all the songs in the top five could easily be number one. 

4. “Satellite” 

Every single detail of this song is magnificent, from beginning to end there is not a single miss. 

3. “Sign of the Times” 

Coming into the solo music scene directly off of a boyband reputation, Harry Styles had a lot to prove, and “Sign Of The Times” did the job. Released as a single before his debut album, not a single soul could have predicted an almost six-minute-long ballad rich with emotions surrounding life and death. “Sign Of The Times” was a game changer for Harry and the most exceptional start to a solo career. 

2. “Kiwi”

Easily one of the most unexpected masterpieces fans have gotten from Harry Styles, *“Kiwi” is a kind of intensity that is often reserved for traditional hard rock musicians, but Harry took and made it his own. Styles typically used to close out his shows on his first solo tour with this song and personally, seeing him perform this live, had to be an out-of-body experience. 

1. “Cherry”

“Cherry” is arguably his greatest song off of “Fine Line” and an extremely tough contender for his greatest song of all time. “Cherry” takes listeners on an emotional roller coaster through the mind of a heartbroken Harry. Complete with an added voicemail from his ex-girlfriend, Camille Rowe, “Cherry” was a risky demonstration of the kind of music Harry Styles was meant to create. One of the greatest musicians of our generation, and arguably one the greatest to ever do it. 


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