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Lillian’s Lowdown: Why prospective students should choose OU

Deciding on a college can be a daunting and oftentimes nerve-wracking task. As prospective students flood the campus, taking tours and exploring their potential future, many leave wondering if Ohio University is the right place for them. In truth, OU has a lot to offer.

OU boasts a beautiful campus surrounded by gorgeous scenery and hosts several spots for nature lovers. Students in need of fresh air can go hiking at Strouds Run, explore one of the trails at the Ridges or take a bike ride along the Baileys Trail System. The school also promotes outdoor recreation and offers several trips that students can sign up for. If students are interested in joining student organizations that take advantage of the nature surrounding Athens, they can join clubs such as H.I.K.E. and the Plant Biology Club.

In addition to clubs centered on the outdoors, OU offers a variety of student organizations that students can join to find new friends and participate in their favorite activities. At the beginning of each academic year, the university hosts the Student Involvement Fair, where new students have the opportunity to browse clubs and ask club executives about their organization. This is a great time to pick up a new interest and make new friends.

As for academics, OU has several robust programs and knowledgeable professors to help students further their education. With over 250 programs to choose from, every student can find something for them. Even if a student enters with an undecided major, OU provides many different opportunities for students to research different areas of study. 

History buffs have a lot to study, too. Being the first university in Ohio, OU has a rich history and the monuments to show for it. Cutler Hall, OU’s first building, is now registered as a National Historic Landmark. A plaque outside of diner Hangover Easy on Court Street acknowledges its location as where the Berry Hotel once stood. OU is also home to the Ridges, formerly known as the Athens Lunatic Asylum. Those who venture there can view the old buildings, head down to the cemeteries or wander the grounds. Art enthusiasts can visit the Kennedy Arts Center, located in the former administrative office of the hospital, or the Dairy Barn Arts Center, where patients once farmed.

Yet another perk of being an OU student is campus life. Outside of academic life, there’s always time to unwind on Court Street. Students can hang out with their friends at one of the many cafes and diners or head down to one of Athens’s small businesses for a shopping spree. When it comes to fun and relaxation, Athens has plenty of places to choose from, with a variety of options being within walking distance of the residence halls. 

Ohio University’s appeal stems from all of the little things: the people, the classes, the friends and the fun. But most importantly, the university is an accepting and welcoming place for new and old students alike. Choosing OU means choosing a lifetime of memories. 

Lillian Barry is a sophomore studying journalism at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. Want to share your thoughts? Let Lillian know by tweeting her at @lillianbarry_.

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