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Valentine’s Day gift guide 2023

While Valentine’s Day has traditionally been considered a romantic holiday, so there is no reason the occasion shouldn’t be utilized to celebrate all kinds of love. Whether it’s for your partner, family, friends or anyone else you care about, here is where you will find a list of gift ideas that are special and unique. 

Flowers and sweets from the dining hall market

There is a good reason that the Valentine’s Day gift staples are flowers and chocolates. Luckily for the many broke college students in Athens, many campus markets supply bouquets of flowers and an array of sweet treats that can be bought with meal swipes, thus helping you save some money while still treating your loved ones to something special.  

Custom playlist

A classic, cost-efficient gift is a personalized playlist. These compilations are both a testament to older generations who made mixtapes and CDs as gifts, and a way to show that even the smallest things, like a song you listen to every now and then, reminds you of the people you love. Whether it’s full of songs that remind you of your loved ones, songs you think they would like, ones that you have fond memories tied to, or songs that captures the essence of your relationship, this gift is sure to bring a smile to their face. 

Something more thoughtful

In the same vein, tokens of your relationship are always a thoughtful option. This gift can be a framed picture of you together, a list of your favorite memories with that person or a souvenir you have saved from a meaningful moment in your journey together. These gifts always show that you care and will make the receiver feel seen and appreciated. 

Something to wear

For those who want to go slightly bigger, accessories are always a winner. From clothes to jewelry, to something that you think your loved one would feel stunning in, these gifts show an appreciation for your partners’ taste. Plus, people love to be lavishly spent on every once in a while.

Gift card

If you know of a restaurant or store that your gift recipient loves, there’s nothing wrong with a good old fashioned gift card. While this gift may seem like a throw-away, there is something to be said for someone who knows where you like to shop and eat but wants to give you the choice to go as often as you choose. This gift shows an understanding of both space and intimacy within a relationship. 

An experience

The best thing you can get someone for Valentine’s Day is an experience to share together. Whether you treat them to a fancy dinner, buy them a concert ticket, pay for the movie on date night or plan an elaborate scavenger hunt that visits important places in your relationship, there is nothing more special than spending quality time together. This gift will last you both a lifetime in terms of the memories you will create and the moments you will share. 

While we hope this guide gave you some inspiration for your gift buying, it is ultimately up to you to express your love in a way your partner will appreciate. A demonstration of love is a demonstration of understanding, so stick to your gut and give them a thoughtful gift that you know they will remember. 


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