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Here’s how to maintain focus this spring semester

Now that spring break is over, it can be difficult to get back into the academic groove and study. However, there are ways to increase your chances of staying focused and avoiding burnout. Without further ado, here are some ways to maintain focus this semester.

Set up a calendar for deadlines

If you haven't already, it is a great idea to start setting up deadlines for assignments. It can be easy to forget deadlines that were assigned at the beginning of the semester, and, in turn, you may lose credit unnecessarily. Be sure to add the date your assignment is due so you can complete the work on time.

A calendar can also assist in keeping track of multiple assignments throughout your many classes since it can be overwhelming to keep track of everything. You can also use this calendar to keep track of work events to have the important dates all in one place. After you set up your deadlines on your calendar, you can then see how much free time you have.

Plan out a weekly schedule

Another way to maintain focus is to plan out a weekly schedule to allot time for homework, online quizzes, studying and any meetings you may have. It can be smart to dedicate an hour of your schedule to complete your tasks to avoid procrastination when the time comes. Creating a balanced timetable can also prevent problems like work overload, where you are forced to complete many assignments at once because of a limited deadline. Also, taking things week by week can help with any stress you may have, but it's still important to keep in mind any large assignments you may have in the last few weeks.

It is paramount that you stick with your assigned schedule; otherwise, it would be an ineffective use of your time to create it in the first place. Having a study playlist may help you focus on school activities so that your mind doesn't drift away from your hard work. You may need to move to a location free from distractions, like a designated study area, to avoid feeling truant. 

Create social plans with friends to avoid burnout

Constantly focusing on schoolwork can be overwhelming or depressing, especially when you're not interested in it. A healthy way to take your mind off all your work is to schedule fun social plans with your friends. You can share stories about your coursework and sympathize with what your friends are going through.

Creating hangout sessions with your friends might also suppress feelings of loneliness, which can help combat boredom or other negative feelings. A study session with friends can make studying less tedious if you get academic and psychological support from your study mates.

Ask questions while in class

Paying attention in class is crucial to success in your courses as it can provide information that you may only be able to hear once. However, asking questions during class can help cover any missing pieces of information that you have about a topic. This may also help your classroom retention by keeping your mind focused on course material rather than daydreaming.

If you miss class, email the professor about questions you may have to alleviate any inquiries you have about the course. Resolving these inquiries can be important because the answers may be useful later in the course. When you aren't sure about a topic covered in class, it is very beneficial to ask questions so you don't worry about it later on a test or project.


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