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Q&A: mehro discusses new album, 'Dark Corners and Alchemy'

The brand new album “Dark Corners and Alchemy” by mehro is here. The collection of 12 songs follows mehro’s 2021 album “SKY ON FIRE,” which has amassed millions of streams on Spotify. As the title may imply, the album is split into the “Dark Corners” half and the “Alchemy” half. The “Dark Corners” side is described as being centered around sitting with one’s emotional pain while the “Alchemy” side is described as focusing on transforming the pain of the “Dark Corners” side into something positive in one’s life.

The Post sat down with mehro to talk about the new album, the journey of being a musical artist, inspirations and more:

The Post: Give me your perspective about this album.

mehro: The album is to share myself with the listener … The purpose of music is to fulfill whatever that person, whatever the listener, needs. That’s sort of the intention that I put into the project, that’s the intention that I put into almost all of my work. It’s there for you in whatever way that you need it to be there for you. For me, it’s to express every side of myself and to show you what I’m capable of sonically and to sort of plant the seeds in that garden to see what blooms. 

TP: How long have you been working on this album?

mehro: The songs have been written over an interesting period of time. I’ve just been writing music when the songs that speak to me the most arise over time. Some of the songs were written before “SKY ON FIRE” was out and some have been written as recently as 2022 … “exploding” was written in 2018.

TP: From when you started working on music versus now, what has been your biggest takeaway from becoming an artist?

mehro: My biggest takeaway from being an artist is that it’s the most fulfilling thing that I could do with my life and I love it. I wouldn’t rather do anything else, I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.

TP: What are some inspirations for this album?

mehro: Self-hatred, lust, excitement, forgiveness of myself and others, and alchemy, which is turning those negative feelings into something constructive.

TP: In five years, where do you see yourself as an artist? What do you want to be doing?

mehro: It’s kind of cool because I feel this way now, making music that I want to make. I want to make art that fulfills me and … have money to not think about or worry about anything and take care of my family. (I want to) be able to play shows and make memories for people.

TP: How is your relationship with your fans?

mehro: I am at least responding to comments for, at the bare minimum, an hour a day, and I love talking to them. They’re incredible people.

TP: Is there any moment in time with one of your fans that is a core memory for you?

mehro: Lots of them, especially on this last tour with Claire (Rosinkranz). There’s people like these girls that I met in Denver, each of them said to me separately that “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you,” and I’m like, “Oh, you came to the show to see me?” and they just start crying … saying that I saved their life when in reality they saved their life. Them thanking me for this, the pleasure is all mine.

TP: Is there anything that you do to hold onto those stories that people share with you?

mehro: I journal every day. I do my best to write down those relationships and stories that affect me most. I also have a folder on my notes app of my favorite comments from videos and I specify each video that I’m responding to comments of.

TP: What do you anticipate from fans after the album is out?

mehro: I know how fans have been impacted by certain songs … and each song serves a different purpose, a different life. I have no expectations for the album, whoever is meant to hear it will hear it.

TP: Is there anything you want people to know before they listen to the album?

mehro: No, I want people to listen to it wherever they are in their lives, exactly when they’re meant to listen to it. In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have to say anything and people could just get their own interpretations and have it impact their life however it’s meant to.

“Dark Corners and Alchemy” by mehro is out now. More about mehro can be found on


Tate Raub

Opinion Editor

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