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Moms’ favorite students show appreciation, admiration

For some students, hearing, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” from their mom just translates to, “Do things I would do.” 

Audrey Ansel, a freshman studying communication studies, and Paige Dalton, a freshman studying environmental sciences and sustainability, both decided to go to Ohio University as their moms once did.

The love they have for their moms, Stacie Ansel and Laura Dalton, will be celebrated during Mom’s Weekend at OU from March 31 to April 2 when their moms come to visit. 

“My mom is … the friend I can tell everything (to),” Ansel said. “I literally tell my mom everything. I never have to worry about her judging me. She’s like my best friend and also the person who’s willing to go to battle for me. I just love my mom a lot.”

Audrey Ansel provided CHRISTY 3.27

Audrey Ansel with her mom, Stacie Ansel. Photo provided via Audrey Ansel.

What being a mom means and looks like is not simply defined. Mothers are not always biological, for example, and some people end up serving as motherly-figures for others. Maggie Morgan, a senior studying computer science, said her mom, Andi Morgan, was a mother-figure to kids at her high school who did not have parents. 

“I’m a commuter, so I still live with my mom,” Morgan said. “My mom is not only my mom, she’s like my roommate and I really look up to her a lot because she went through a lot when she was a kid.”

Maggie Morgan provided CHRISTY 3.27
Maggie Morgan with her mom, Andi Morgan. Photo provided via Maggie Morgan.

Although Morgan has four siblings, she also has a lot of people in her life that fill a sibling-like role because of her mom’s support for those who do not have a parent like herself in their lives.

Students living on campus, no matter how far away from their mom or parents, may see a change in their dynamic, but Dalton said the older she gets, the more she acts like her. 

“I have a really good relationship with my mom,” Dalton said. “She’s my best friend because especially since I’ve gotten older, our personalities are super similar, so we have a lot of jokes.”

Paige dalton provided CHRISTY 3.27
Paige Dalton with her mom, Laura Dalton. Photo provided via Paige Dalton.

Dalton also said there will be a new mom in her life because one of her friends since middle school was in labor yesterday. Despite her friend being nervous, Dalton said she will be a good mom. 

“She knows what to expect from a good parent,” Dalton said. “So I think she’ll be great.”

Moms, whether they became one a day ago or over two decades ago, can be support systems and role models for their children – no matter their children’s age as well. Hannah Berry, a senior studying nursing, said her mom is also a nurse and is following in her footsteps.

“My mom’s like my biggest support system honestly,” Berry said. “You can tell her anything and she’s like, ‘Okay, so what are we going to do about it?’ If I have a problem I’m like, ‘Mom, I don’t know what I’m doing. Help me out.’”

While away at school, there are times these moms have shown their love for their OU students in ways that Berry said were selfless.

“My car was having troubles when I came back from spring break,” Berry said. “My mom was like, ‘I don’t care, take my car.’ She was selfless, completely.”

Hannah berry provided CHRISTY 3/27

Hannah Berry with her mom, Dianna Berry. Provided via Hannah Berry.

Similarly, Ansel, in advance, appreciates that her mom is coming all the way from North Carolina for Mom’s Weekend. Ansel, a current member of the Marching 110, watched her mom perform in the band as a kid during the Homecoming Parade. Ansel said her mom played a role in the reason she joined the band. Ansel plays the trumpet and her mom plays the trombone.

“She’s like, ‘I am not missing Mom’s Weekend,’” Ansel said. “She’s even staying longer because we have a concert. She’s gonna stay and see the concert and drive home the next day, which I just really appreciate because I live far away.” 

As Mom’s Weekend approaches, some students are reflecting on all their mom does for them to ensure they are safe and well while at school. Some are also just really excited to see their mom this weekend. 

“I see how hard (my mom) works for me and I never want her to feel like she’s not the best mom ever,” Ansel said. “I love her and I never want her to feel like she’s not good enough.”


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