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Ohio University Bobcats celebrate a goal scored by senior Andrew Wells (20) during the Bobcats' last home game in Bird Ice Arena on Feb. 25, 2023.

Hockey: Meet 'The Andrews'

Andrew Wells is one of the eight graduating seniors on this year's Ohio team. He’s more than doubled his numbers from last season, with 15 goals and 13 assists this year compared to only six of each last year. Hailing from North Canton, Ohio, Wells is a big Marvel nerd, loves dogs and is apparently quite the chef.

The Post: So what do you do outside of hockey?

Wells: When I’m not doing schoolwork I love to play video games.

TP: What are your favorite video games of all time?

Wells: Probably Call of Duty or Rocket League; one of the two.

TP: Are you good at either of those or do you just enjoy playing them for fun?

Wells: I like to think I’m pretty good, yeah, I think I’m good.

TP: If you were going on a trip to the beach and you could only bring two things with you, what would you bring?

Wells: Sunglasses and suntan lotion. I can’t play Xbox at the beach.

Senior Andrew Wells celebrates after scoring a goal in Bird Ice Arena on Dec. 2, 2022.

TP: If you could be an extra in any movie what movie would you pick?

Wells: Probably something Marvel, I don’t know what exactly, but I’m a big nerd for that stuff.

TP: What is your favorite Marvel franchise?

Wells: Besides the ones where they are all together, I would have to say Thor.

TP: Have you seen the newest Thor yet?

Wells: I actually haven’t seen it. I’m a big fan but I haven’t seen it yet.

 TP: If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would you pick?

Wells: Chicken Vodka Pasta.

TP: Do you really like Italian food?

Wells: Yes I make it all the time like the sauce is homemade.

TP: Have you always enjoyed cooking?

Wells: My girlfriend actually got me into it.

TP: OK last question, what would your spirit animal be?

Wells: Probably a dog. I’m a big dog person.

The Post also sat down with Andrew Sacca, a senior who is having one of his best seasons yet. The Pittsburgh native currently has 12 goals and 15 assists, compared to seven and nine last season. Sacca loves Fortnite and has quite a few hobbies when he is off the ice.

The Post: What do you like to do outside of hockey?

Sacca: I like to read, cook and hang out with my friends.

TP: Do you read frequently, do you have a favorite book at all?

Sacca: I just read here and there, whenever I get the chance it’s a nice wind-down.

TP: Are you a good cook at all?

Sacca: Yeah we have a grill back at our place. I cook steak and chicken, really whatever.

TP: So grill master-type stuff?

Sacca: Yes, however, I will say that Zach Curry is the grill master of the group

TP: If you could star in any movie, as in replacing the main character with yourself, what movie would you choose?

Sacca: "Wolf of Wall Street." 

TP: To costar with Margot Robbie?

Sacca: Oh yeah. Me next to her would be nice.

Ohio University forward Andrew Sacca (18) leans against the glass after scoring during the second period of the Bobcats' home game against Drexel University on Jan. 20, 2023 in Bird Ice Arena.

TP: So do you guys have a favorite tradition you do before or when you play?

Sacca: Let me think of what I’m actually allowed to say (laughs). Personally or team wise?

TP: You can do either.

Sacca: Personally, I’m the music guy. So I usually have the music on in the locker room, I’ll get the boys hype.

TP: Are you a Spotify or Apple music guy?

Sacca: Apple Music.

TP: So do you make a good amount of playlists?

Sacca: Oh definitely, link is in my Instagram bio (@sacca_18)!

TP: What are your go to pregame songs?

Sacca: Probably anything from there or some "Big Booty Mixes" off Soundcloud. "100 shots" by Young Dolph and "Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill are classics.

TP: So are you into video games at all?

Sacca: Oh, Fortnite, definitely.

TP: The Ryans said you guys were all into Fortnite, who do you think is the best player?

Sacca: I do not agree with their answers. Actually, they might have said that Phil (Angervil) is the best and I agree with that.

TP: OK final question, what do you think your spirit animal is?

Sacca: Let me say a lion.

TP: That’s very "Wolf of Wall Street"-esque.

Sacca: (laughs) If I’m on the ice I just like to go for it, like attack the puck and make plays, like a lion!


Emma Erion

Managing Editor

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