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Horror movies to watch this fall based on your college major

Horror movies offer unique stories and scares. For generations, they have spanned various genres like cosmic horror, body horror, possession stories or classic slasher flicks. There’s no shortage of individuality and creativity present in horror films, however, not all genres may appeal to general audiences.

So, in honor of the start of the fall season, here are horror film recommendations catered to various college majors:

Psychology - “Vertigo” or “Speak No Evil”

The study of the human mind is an interesting topic, as it’s confusing and unpredictable. It’s a medium of manipulation and mind games, which is what both of these films thrive on. “Vertigo” and “Speak No Evil” are both films that follow the psychotic behavior of two men and their intense encounters with the female leads. They are both films that make your skin crawl and show the true depravity of damaged people. These films are perfect for those psych students who love picking apart the human mind, and I guarantee you’ll be on the edge of your seat while watching these if you haven’t seen them already.

Biology - “Alien” or “Annihilation”

Chances are, if you’re a Biology major, you aren’t squeamish or sensitive to body horror. After all, you spend much of your time looking into the way bodies work. Maybe I’m assuming, but you may also enjoy animals and anything to do with monsters, so these two films may be right up your alley. These films both deal with creatures that are grotesquely inhuman and make you feel inferior to the world of alien life. They are perfect films to make you anxious and scared, so if you think you’re up for the challenge, I highly recommend these films for your next late-night movie night.

Nursing or any medical major - “The Fly” or “Flatliners” 

While these could be categorized similarly to the biology films, I like to differentiate these films because their main focus is specific toward medical malpractice. In both films, something goes wrong while the characters engage in medical experiments. I believe that’s what makes these films perfect for those majoring in the medical field, as they show not only what not to do, but also are fun films with good scares and plenty of memorable moments that will stick with anyone after they watch them.

History or religious studies - “The Witch” or “Ravenous”

Most of the time, horror films don’t concern themselves with being historically accurate. Instead, they are more concerned with the scares and unanswered questions, but that’s what sets these two films apart from the rest. Both of these films pride themselves on being timely and historically accurate, and they also work as tales of belief and superstition that plagued many people in old times. Specifically, the characters in both films are portrayed to be misinformed and a painting of how people acted and thought throughout history. These films are perfect for the history buff friend who knows every detail about early civilization, or for people who want a break from the typical relatable teen slashers that everyone thinks of when they think of a scary movie. 

Any acting major or major of the arts - “Suspiria” or “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me”

As people who pride themselves on aesthetics and visual beauty, artistic majors likely enjoy films that also pride themselves on being stunning spectacles of color, sound and light. That’s where these films excel. In both of them, their story is heightened by the vibrant aesthetics in every scene. The luminous colors and haunting visuals work to inspire a sense of dread but also comfort in audiences, which is why I think they are perfect for people who are students of the arts. These films are perfect to watch for Halloween because they’ll be sure to creep you out, but also leave you in awe at their visuals. 

While these are only a few recommendations and there are plenty more I could describe, these are a good place to start for these majors to dip their feet into films they might not have approached otherwise. Hopefully, these films give you a good head start for the Halloween season and they provide you with a unique viewing experience that hopefully will leave you asking: “What did I just watch?”

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