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What your favorite character in ‘Normal People’ says about you

“Normal People” is a miniseries on Hulu based on the book of the same name by Sally Rooney. The series follows main characters Connell and Marianne throughout their final year of secondary school and throughout their university experience as their lives intertwine, and their relationship ebbs and flows. At the end of the day, it is a beautiful but melancholic story about finding the right person at the wrong time, then finding them at the right time again. The characters are well written, with complex thoughts and feelings.

Here’s what your favorite character says about you:


If Peggy is your favorite character from “Normal People,” you love drama. You were probably popular in secondary school, and you’re probably still popular now. Chances are you’re definitely a partier too. You know where the best functions are, and, in all likelihood, you can throw a pretty good one yourself. Furthermore, you know what’s in and what’s out for all things: music, fashion, politics, you name it. You’re not just trendy, though, you’re a trendsetter.


If Joanna is your favorite “Normal People” character, there’s a pretty good chance you were really excited to see the queer representation in the book. In my opinion, Joanna deserved a little more fleshing out as a character, but from what we do know about her it’s easy to see that a devoted Joanna fan would be the “mom friend” of a group. Joanna is sensible to Peggy’s impulsiveness. Where we see Peggy pressuring Marianne to stay with Jamie for the sake of her status, Joanna is against the idea because Jamie is clearly not good to her. Joanna fans watch out for their friends and want them to make the right choices, sometimes nudging them in the direction, but pushing other times. Joanna fans are sensitive to others’ emotions and are empathetic.


No one’s favorite character is Jamie. He’s cruel and manipulative, and his political viewpoints leave a lot to be desired. Why Marianne was with him for so long is a boggling question.


Helen is Connell’s girlfriend for a time in between flings with Marianne at university. Helen fans probably see Marianne as a little unhealthy for Connell (which may be rational), and just want what’s best for him. If Helen is your favorite character, then like Joanna fans, you’re probably the rational one out of your social circle. You’re calm and reserved, but you have a strong sense of justice. Helen recognizes that Connell isn’t treating her right, so she walks away. You would do the same. You know what you deserve, and you’re willing to stand up for yourself. 


Now we’re getting into the real favorites. Marianne, one of the two main characters, goes through a lot of changes throughout the show/book. However, a steady thing about her is her ability to rise in the face of social challenges. If your favorite character is Marianne, you’re strong, but you’ve been through a lot and it hasn’t been easy. Marianne is a little lost in the world. She doesn’t quite know what she wants, and her trauma makes it harder for her to figure it out. If you’re a Marianne fan, chances are you can relate or at least appreciate this experience. But the important thing is, like Marianne, you keep trying. 

Nothing can keep you down for too long, and you always get back on your feet and try again. This is an important and admirable quality. You have a drive to have a good life, and you’re determined to find it for yourself. Marianne is pretty cool too, kind of like Peggy, but a little more controlled (possibly from Joanna’s influence). You may not be a trendsetter, but you are trendy and in. You know where the parties are, you just don’t throw them yourself. Marianne is destined for a rewarding life, it’s just taking her a while to get to it. Part of it is her fault, part of it is out of her control. Like Marianne, there are good things coming, just be wary of self-sabotage.


Connell is the other main character of “Normal People.” He has a tendency to fixate on what other people think of him, leading to a series of poor decisions. It causes more than one split with Marianne. Connell is a romantic, however. If Connell is your favorite character, you probably identify with this: you’re a lover, not a hater. 

Furthermore, you love to read and write. These are Connell’s passions, and they’re, as I said, romantic. Like Connell, you probably learn from your mistakes pretty fast, before moving on to other ones (to learn from as well). Connell is shy and introverted, and you likely are as well, but he still loves to have a fun night out. You probably stick to the walls at parties, but still get plenty of meaningful socialization taken care of. Connell is a sweetheart, a gentle giant. You probably have plenty of friends, but only a couple of super close ones. There’s nothing wrong with this, though; the friends you make and the relationships you have are deep and beautiful.


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