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Artist Spotlight: Beach House puts the ‘dreamy’ in dream pop

Beach House, consisting of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, is known for its distinct musical style, which is characterized by the hypnotic interplay between Legrand's melodic voice and keyboards and Scally's guitar. Its music often incorporates dream pop and indie rock elements, creating a lush and dreamy sound.

Beach House was formed in 2004 when Legrand and Scally met in Baltimore. The pair quickly started working on music together, combining their talent and similar passions for music.

The duo has gained a large following for their ability to craft a captivating and unique sound. Beach House's discography includes albums such as "Teen Dream," "Bloom," "Depression Cherry" and "7," among others. With every release, Beach House revealed new possibilities within the dream pop genre.

Beach House’s self-titled debut album, “Beach House,” was released in 2006. The album showcased its dream pop sound and garnered positive reviews, drawing attention to its unique blend of atmospheric melodies and Legrand's captivating voice.

In 2008, Beach House released its second album, "Devotion." The album featured tracks like, “Gila” and “Heart of Chambers.”

Beach House's breakthrough moment came with the release of "Teen Dream" in 2010. This album earned extensive praise and was widely acclaimed. The popular track, “Silver Soul,” came from this album and was sampled by Kendrick Lamar in “Money Trees.”

Beach House’s music has been sampled by other prominent artists. In 2011, The Weeknd sampled “Master of None” and “Gila” in his songs “The Party & The After Party” and “Loft Music.”

“Bloom” was released in 2012 and continued the duo's success. The album maintained Beach House’s dreamy sound, and songs such as "Myth" and "Lazuli" set the tone for the album.

In a surprising move, Beach House released two albums in 2015, "Depression Cherry" and "Thank Your Lucky Stars." Both albums showcased its commitment to artistic exploration and experimentation.

The fan-favorite song “Space Song,” from their album "Depression Cherry,” is approaching one billion listens on Spotify. The song can even be heard in the popular Netflix series, “Wednesday.”

In 2017, Beach House released “B-Sides and Rarities.” This album brought together 14 tracks that included the previously unreleased “Chariot” and “Baseball Diamond.”

In 2018, “7," was released and marked a departure from Beach House’s previous sound. It featured a darker and more experimental tone. The album included tracks like "Black Car" and "Lemon Glow."

Beach House has continued to release music and tour, maintaining a consistent presence in the indie music scene. Its albums, including "Once Twice Melody," released in 2022, have showcased the band’s evolution while staying true to its dream pop roots.

An EP of unreleased songs from "Once Twice Melody” was released in April 2023. “Become” was first released as a limited-edition Record Store Day release and became available on streaming services later that month.

Beach House emerged as one of the most influential 2000s indie bands and is still going strong. Each album holds its own sound, lyrical composure and weight. The albums all come together to write the legacy and story that Beach House fans and listeners have come to treasure.

Legrand, in an interview with Glamcult Magazine said, “In feeling our music, I feel many things that are not ‘dream’ or ‘pop’. Some of it is so physical; there’s much more than just two words.”

Despite Beach House being placed in the “dream pop” category, anyone who has listened to and felt their music knows it cannot be placed into one box.

Beach House's history is marked by a consistent commitment to its unique identity and dreamy atmosphere. It has carved out a unique niche in the indie music scene, and its sound continues to evolve while maintaining the atmospheric and captivating qualities that define its music.


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