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Concert Review: TV Girl takes the stage at sold out Columbus show

TV Girl is an indie pop band from San Diego, consisting of Brad Petering, Jason Wyman and Wyatt Harmon. The band describes their music as "something you can sing along to, but wouldn't sing around your parents.”

TV Girl is currently on tour showcasing their most recent album, "Grapes Upon the Vine." This album was released in June and stands as their fourth studio album, marking their first independent album release in half a decade. 

The indie pop band made their way to Columbus, Ohio, to perform a sold-out show at KEMBA Live! Joining the original band members on stage were two backup singers who did not miss.

TV Girl opened their set with the song, “I’ll Be Faithful,” from their newest studio album. They then followed with three tracks from their first album, “French Exit.” The three songs, “Pantyhose,” “Hate Yourself” and “Louise,” warmed up the young crowd.

From their second studio album, “Who Really Cares,” they continued with the popular song “Cigarettes out the Window.” This was the first moment in the show where I noticed a sea of phones go up to record this viral song.

There was a seamless transition from “French Exit” song, “Birds Don’t Sing,” to “Daughter of a Cop.

Another sea of cell phones started recording at the first note of “Not Allowed” from the album “Who Really Cares.” Petering joked about their TikTok viral songs and let the crowd know they would be sure to play them. 

TV Girl has garnered a lot of TikTok fame, making a lot of their current following of a younger age. This translated to the live show, and the crowd was full of young fans who for many were their first concert.

Before continuing the set, Petering made sure to mention that he knew TV Girl fans weren’t crazy about their newest album. "Grapes Upon the Vine” was a noteworthy departure from their earlier material and includes a sample from a gospel song and spiritual themes. Petering stated on stage, “It’s not the album you want, but the album you need,” and joked “These kids could probably use a little spirituality in their life.”

After speaking his sentiment about the new album, they then proceeded to play three songs in a row from it. This included “The Night Time,” “99.5” and “Fire.” Despite the mixed reviews about this album, the crowd enjoyed the songs anyway.

Next up were acclaimed songs, “Safeword,” “The Blonde,” “Blue Hair” and “Loving Machine.” At the beginning of “The Blonde,” the band slowed it down when singing the lyrics and the crowd joined in. This marked a beautiful and intimate moment between the band and the audience.

They followed with a cover of “Jimmy Mack,” from Martha Reeves & The Vandellas.

Back to their music, they played upbeat tunes, “Taking What’s Not Yours,” and “Heaven Is a Bedroom,” from the album, “Who Really Cares.”

Following was their much-anticipated encore, which featured their most popular song, “Lovers Rock.”

Lovers Rock” has over 500 million listens on Spotify and the crowd knew every word. Petering said, "This song is about the things we leave behind after a relationship dies.”

They finished their 21-song set with “It Evaporates,” a song only true fans would know, as it is not available on popular streaming services.

TV Girl’s music incorporates elements of pop, electronic and indie genres characterized by catchy melodies. Their music is laid-back and easygoing making them a popular choice for fans of indie and alternative music.

Their genre of music made for a relaxed live performance that was easy to watch and enjoy. While their stage presence didn’t blow me away, the setlist was well-versed and their live performance was adequately enjoyable.


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