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What your favorite Athens bar says about you

First and foremost, please remember to drink responsibly and make sure everyone gets home safely. Stick to the buddy system. Always watch your drinks and make sure your phone is charged before going out. 

Nightlife is a big part of the college experience and choosing the perfect bar for a fun night is crucial. Everyone has their favorite, so here is what your favorite Athens bar says about you:

Red Brick

You're probably a freshman looking to have your first bar experience. You like to dance to 2000s throwbacks and take cheap shots. You don't mind that every surface is wet with mystery liquid or you're too drunk to care. You dance like no one's watching and leave it on the floor. You are probably blissfully unaware of undercovers and run out when the cops show up. 

You live by the motto, "Do it for the plot,” or "It's a canon event." There is a good chance you know more than three TikTok dances and an even better chance that you have posted a TikTok dancing with your friends. You may have to beg your friends to go to Brick, but you swear by it and will be there on Friday night.

The Union

You probably have a closet full of vintage clothes that you found at one of the many thrift stores in your hometown. You listen to indie music but don't label yourself an indie kid. You probably shop from local businesses and have a perfectly curated Pinterest board for every occasion. You definitely showed up and showed out for Rocky Horror. You know all the words to "Kilby Girl" and will scream at the top of your lungs if it comes on. You definitely cut and dyed your hair at 2 a.m. and had it turn out perfectly. 


You're more low-key but still want to have a fun night. You probably are an upperclassman and your go-to is either a Corona with lime or a tequila lemonade. You love meeting people on a night out and making new friends. You tip well because you use girl math and cash does not count. You might have gotten denied your first year but have now claimed C.I. as your favorite in an arc of redemption. 


You're also super chill, just looking to have a fun night out. You like smoking cigarettes on the patio and discussing new music you found. You like to drink Black Widows because they're purple. You're probably bad at ping pong, but you still like playing anyway. You listen to classic rock, probably influenced by your dad when you were growing up. You definitely own a sports jersey for a team you do not follow. You go out in comfy clothes because you cannot be bothered to get dressed up by the end of the week. 


You started pregaming at 5 p.m. but didn't make it out until 10 p.m. You secretly don't hate country music but would never admit it. You and your friends always go to the Sunday tailgates and watch the game. You probably listen to a lot of rap music and drink bourbon. You likely lost your wallet on a night out and miraculously found it while stumbling home. You own a pair of black leather pants or black and white Jordans. 


You're either a sports dude or a sorority gal. You don't mind being stuffed into a crowd of people like sardines. You like dancing with your friends on the stage and buying cheap drinks. You have had a drink spilled on you before, but you were cool and played it off like your shoe wasn't full of Miller Lite. You probably had VSCO in high school and posted golden-hour photos religiously. You had a mild obsession with the Snapchat dog filter in 2016 and cringe about it now (it's OK; we all had that phase). 


You are definitely in Greek life. You yell at the television when your favorite team gets a flag on the play. You wear Lululemon and shop at Urban Outfitters. You like to watch people get drunk and fail to hit on people. You likely still use corny pick-up lines that only work half of the time. You probably have LED lights in your room that are never turned off. 


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