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Artist Spotlight: Stefano May hopes to heal with his musicality

Stefano May is a Miami-based singer/songwriter and piano virtuoso, whose talents began forming in his birthplace: Soveria Mannelli, Italy. He began training in classical piano at the age of seven and eventually gained notoriety by performing on popular Italian TV shows. 

Since then, he has collaborated with famed songwriters and other artists, like director Franco Zeffirelli. He has scored and composed motion pictures under the guidance of filmmaker Jamal Joseph and began his solo project by collaborating with producer Chico Bennett (Madonna, Lady Gaga, The Killers and Prince). 

May’s latest feat in the music industry is his self-titled debut album, a compilation of every single he has released since 2021. The newest addition to that list is "Hideaway," a new single released on the same day as the album. The song was inspired by a fateful meeting between May and a homeless man during a trip to Tijuana, Mexico. 

“I was so captivated by his incredible experiences that I felt the need to capture this moment in music so that it would live forever in my memory. He reminded me how valuable we all are, even when faced with difficult circumstances,” May said. 

"Hideaway" begins with May’s voice against a riveting piano accompaniment and swelling violin before it is elevated by electric rhythm guitar, background vocalists and pounding drums to convey the songwriter's message. The song aims to provide a glimpse into the universal human experiences that unite all humans on their diverging journeys, crafted through profound revelations and emotions.  

While this single is a wonderful representation of May’s capabilities, the rest of his self-titled album ranges in style to demonstrate his multifaceted talents. Songs like "Find My Way" and "Don't Say Goodbye" are pop-influenced, each featuring inspirational beats and upbeat funk. 

The former is a musical tribute to Motown, a genre that greatly impacted May’s youth, as well as a testament to the singer's encouraging and passionate mother. 

Despite being masked by stylistic autotune, May’s remarkable vocal talents still shine through on this track. The latter track highlights second chances in life and relationships through a soul sound, complete with groovy electric guitar and swinging percussion. 

May’s discography also features slower, more emotional numbers, such as "Crazy," "We Are The Power" and his debut single, "Prayer." The first on the list creates a hauntingly immersive atmosphere of tangible emotional turmoil. May utilizes his knowledge of music theory and talent for the piano to evoke empathy from his listeners in this ballad about life’s most painful moments. 

"We Are The Power" documents May’s desire to unite a healing world in a soulful composition filled with a gospel choir, soaring melodies and heart-wrenching key changes. The song highlights love, optimism and vitality, all of which are underlying themes in the artist's work.

 "Prayer" contains a similar atmosphere as the other two songs, but only features May’s voice, uplifted by echoing background vocals, and the piano. Both the song's content and musical features have warranted May comparisons to such artists as Andrea Bocelli and Michael Bublé. 

One of May’s recent accomplishments is his performance at the annual Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation event in Washington, D.C.. His dedication to that cause is also marked by his partnership with the Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation for the song "Hope It Will Remind You." 

The track is a bittersweet dedication, with the lyrics acting as a monologue spoken directly to an Alzheimer’s patient. The song creates a sense of urgency, characterized by repetition in the upper piano register and unrelenting percussion. 

Stefano May’s discography is distinguished by his unfailing empathy and experiences as an LGBTQIA+ artist. His talent and passion have been acclaimed by NPR, CNN Argentina, GLAAS, LADYGUNN, Good Day Live and many other outlets. His fusion of soul, pop and classical music makes way for stunning musical journeys, marked by hope, love and human connection. 

“Music is made to heal your soul. People find commonality in the music they listen to and every song has the right time and place for each of its listeners,” May said in defense of his mission to bring people together through his gifts, and his hope that his work inspires others to do the same. 


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